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  1. LukeYZ426F

    A Mart to JGR

    Did they race the 18’s this outdoor season? Looks like 19’s haven’t been released yet?
  2. LukeYZ426F

    Energy Gels for Racing

    Take 2 Imodium in the morning of a long race.
  3. LukeYZ426F

    Help! I can't keep my pants up!

    Spandex shorts similar to bicycling shorts with NO boxers. Your welcome.
  4. LukeYZ426F

    Energy Gels for Racing

    Just looked at the greenbelly bars, your definitely using some carbs lol really excited about these! Never heard of them till now. I ordered a small variety pack to try.
  5. LukeYZ426F

    Energy Gels for Racing

    Are you going into ketosis? Are you adding any carbs/carb loading to you pre race meals?
  6. LukeYZ426F

    I tried, and tried again, still a POS

    That is a stupid amount of time and work to save $40 a tire lol if you worked that hard at finding a discount you could probably get the Golden for $104
  7. LukeYZ426F

    2019 Yamaha YZ250F Review, Impressions

    From what I’ve heard the only thing about the 19 (minus the starter) is it no longer requires a link to work gooder.
  8. LukeYZ426F

    Dirt bike gear for toddler

    This was the Facebook line video. My son was downstairs with me while I was working on my bike. All of a sudden his cranks up! Blew my mind. I thought it was awesome.
  9. LukeYZ426F

    Dirt bike gear for toddler

    Mine is basically ready to turn pro in striders lol. His had always been and inside and outside toy so he rides a ton. The problem I had was at 3 he couldn’t touch the ground and that scared him. He rode one time with no training wheels but then would have nothing to do with it.
  10. LukeYZ426F

    Dirt bike gear for toddler

  11. LukeYZ426F

    Dirt bike gear for toddler

    Bought a PW50 and CRF50 when my daughter just turned 6 and son just turned 3. They both love to ride. (8 months after buying them). My son currently isn’t riding because he ran over his foot/leg and it scared him to death. He still loves his dirtbike, just won’t ride it lol. My daughter is really doing good. She close to being ready for her first race (not mx). Gear: good luck finding gear that actually fits the 3 year old. If you manage to get a pair of gloves on him, go immediately to buy a lottery ticket because your doing something right. Saftey gear: Hard to find small boots for the 3 year old, and if you do they probably won’t want to actually wear them, just talk about how awesome they are and they are like daddy. They will wear a slightly bigger helmet easier than they will wear a slightly smaller helmet. Until they get the basics down the more saftey gear they have on the harder it will be for them. Both of mine started out in helmet, long pants, and regular shoes. Not the safest thing but the speeds where very low and it was the only way they’d try. Balanace bikes are a huge training aid. Skip the training wheels if you can for the 6 year old. 3 is basically no choice, gotta use them. You can also tie a piece of rope to the PW and walk behind them. We did this the first time they rode to to make sure ole whiskey throttle didn’t sneak up. I really focused on braking with them. I was worri d to death they’d get scared at something and grab a handful of throttle. Minimize risk! Not just because you don’t want them to get hurt (duh), but in the early stages any little small thing that scares them could push your future pro rider to not want to ride.
  12. LukeYZ426F

    2018 AMA 450 MX Champion

    Wouldn’t it be fun to see ktm start to fall out of favor with the masses and more colors rising to the top?
  13. LukeYZ426F

    Looks like I got scammed. Please read.

    Obviously they’re gonna change the stickers a few times.. I was being sarcastic and poking fun at the extremely outdated Yamaha. And before you get but hurt about that i ride and race a Yamaha.
  14. LukeYZ426F

    Music and Riding

    I’ve always wanted to try it but fear it’s too unsafe. Not only could I probably not hear any potential audible bike issues but I’d be oblivious to the others around me. Hawthorne heights pandora station turnt up lowd would be sweet.
  15. LukeYZ426F

    Looks like I got scammed. Please read.

    How in the world did you not notice it was 10 years old? Only way your getting a pass is if it’s a YZ250, and if it is don’t feel bad, haven’t changed in the last ten years. Also, check the vin!