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  1. masttr125l

    Air filter

    what about the k&n versus the larger bbr/uni set up?
  2. masttr125l

    Anyone have KX forks?

    my buddy has a kx80 i could prolly buy for real cheap. hopefully someone has/will try it and can give acurate directions on how to do the swap.
  3. masttr125l

    getting air

    i just messed up my front bearings sunday. thats some mean air you got there to. i wasnt quite that high but after a few landings the front squeaks now.
  4. masttr125l

    just rejetted

    air temp varies as we ride when its nice out. im not really sure what sea level im at either. never thought to much about it.i weigh a bit more then him and when riding today i rode his bike and he rode mine and mine was faster. i think weight is the issue there.
  5. masttr125l

    i need vintage husky parts

    hey there, i need a shifter assembly for a 73 wr250 husky. mine is broke inside the "trans?" i done nessisarily need the shift lever but the part that goes into the "trans?". i cant seem to find one anywere and it sucks because i really want to get the bike out again. ive been looknig off and on for over a year. anybody know of any places or have one? thanks mike
  6. masttr125l

    just rejetted

    ahh i need to change that. all ive done is remove the top of the airbox and change the jets 110 main 17.5 pilot. next paycheck im getting the bbr/uni larger air filter.
  7. masttr125l

    just rejetted

    thanks man ill try that tomorow. i just rode with my cousin at his track and i wasnt as impressed as i thought id be.he was keeping up in a stock xr100, practically neck and neck.
  8. masttr125l

    just rejetted

    i just put a 110main and a 17.5 pilot in. deffinately a noticable gain. how do i make adjustments though?
  9. masttr125l

    More power!

    i read about the flywheel thing but i dont really understand what is being removed. do you have a picture of your flywheel after you had it machined?
  10. masttr125l

    Inverted forks on a TTR 125 ?

    kx80 forks will work on ttr125's? my buddie has a junk one that runs like [@#$%&*!] that i could get for cheap. that is if the forks are interchangable.
  11. masttr125l

    new BLACK BBR wheels

    i like when every thing is flat black. especially sport bikes. those look bad ass when there all black and the rider has a black riding suit and a black helmet. looks misterious in a badass way.
  12. masttr125l

    new BLACK BBR wheels

    i just wish they made blaxk plastic for these bikes. i seen a brand new banshee that was totally blacked out and it was bad ass
  13. masttr125l

    exhaust or flywheel

    i noticed on bbrs sit that they didnt compare those 2 pipes
  14. masttr125l

    exhaust or flywheel

    i just went a searched the net for like .5 seconds and found it which is the better pipe though the t4 or bbr?
  15. masttr125l

    exhaust or flywheel

    who makes the t4?