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    anything by hatebreed. if you dont know who they are i strongly suggest downloading some of them. just listen to the lyrics and you will understand.
  2. and i also have the lower fork guards and the front number plate for sale, off of a 2003 xr50 all in excellent condition. only ridden twice around the neiborhood. if anyone is interested you can either pm me or email me at willard155@Hotmail.com
  3. willardracer155

    Looking for a CRF/XR50 Seat

    i have a 2003 xr50 stock seat foam and cover ill sell you if your still interested
  4. willardracer155

    88cc kits

    i have a 2003 xr 50, and everything is pretty much done except internal motor mods. im interested in a 88cc kit. i weigh about 170 and i ride around my neiborhood alot and play ride in the desert. my friend is building a 50 track on his property so ill probley be riding some mx with it. im a begginer rider, only been riding for about 2 years. im looking 2 spend $400-$500. another question is i have a bbr pipe on it right now, would i have to get another pipe for the big bore? or could i get by with the stock bbr? what benifits would i reap from having a big bore pipe? thanks
  5. willardracer155

    Pics El Mirage 12/27/03

    i was out there yesterday too, we were camping at the slabe i dont know if you know where that is but if you look up the road theres only one oak tree in the whole area and right next to that tree theres a old house slab. anyways look like you had fun!! where is that sandy area at? looks really fun!
  6. willardracer155

    another newbie

    howdy, i was told about this site from a friend, and it kicks serious butt!!! anyways i just got my first bike, a 2003 yz250f ive ridden it a few times and i love it. next weekend i'm gonna be going to cahauilla creek mx park in anza. i've never been to a mx track ever. i was wondering about track etiquette (sorry if i spelled it wrong). i'm really curious, because the last thing i wanna do is piss off some other rider. and also is there anything i should bring along? the reason i was thinking cahauilla creek, is because it doesnt have many jumps, and it seems kinda easy for a beginner. am i right or wrong? what are some other tracks you would recommend for a newbie here in the so cal area?. well thanks.