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  1. Anyone have an update on tread life as compared to the 756? I switched to 952s because I can't afford to keep 756s on both my son's and my bikes. They just don't hold up.
  2. Thanks xtreme cr107! has them. Anyone tried the 3.00 rear tires?
  3. How about the SDG Speed Mini? Their selling them on ebay 2 for $1300 plus shipping. Any experience with the SDG?
  4. Anyone tried or know if rear tires are available in 3.00-10 for the rear and 2.75-12 for the front?
  5. I recently installed a set on my bike, and it really makes a difference in the braking bumps. Also helps some in the corners by allowing the front end to settle in a little lower. The company I bought mine from is called AirCell corp. I think these are probably the best on the market. They have a built in oil return system, they have adjustable compression dampening, and they install in about 10 minutes. Check them out at or 865-681-7066.
  6. Thanks for the info. Do you know if there is anything else it could possibly be? I'll take another look at it tonight.
  7. I have a 2002 CRF450, bought it new, and suddenly it feels like it doesn't decompress when I try to kick start it. When I push the kick start lever through to top dead center, I can stand on it and it won't move. After putting all my weight into it, I can start it and it runs just fine. I checked the decompression adjustment IAW the owner's manual, and it seems okay. I'm baffled. Any ideas?
  8. I'm considering a new KTM 85sx for my son. Does anyone have any information or first hand experience with this new mini?