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  1. Tomahawk

    110 forks

    O.K. guys , My son was out riding his 110 and hit head on with his buddy riding a cr 80. To make this short, his forks are toast. I know some of you have modded up your 110s and are bound to have a set of stock forks laying around That you would part with for a resonable price. P.S. also need 1 good stock front rim.
  2. Tomahawk

    what are some unusual misshaps...

    I got mine stuck on a tree about six feet off the ground. Now that one is hard to explain
  3. Tomahawk

    Why The Hate?!!

    I own both and I ride both and whats even worse is I enjoy both. There are idiots on quads. There are idiots on bikes. There are idiots in cars. Everywhere you go, if you look you'll find idiots. It all depends on how you look at it and pointing fingers at other off roaders is just what the eco-nazi's want.
  4. Tomahawk

    XR80 Stuck valve?

    you should be able to take off the valve lash adjustment covers and see if the valves are working or not. I would recommend you get a repair manual for it before you trear it down. The manual will show how to put every thing back in time after you find the problem. If you have done much wrenching on 2 smokes I dont believe you will have much trouble if you have a manual.
  5. Tomahawk

    Pressure Washer or Simple Green?

    Its a dirt bike aint it supposed to be dirty
  6. Tomahawk

    A couple ???

    Cant comment on the wifes bike just dont know much about either one of them. Now the klx, drz 110, Just my opinion. I bought my 8 year old one last Christmas and he loved it. Rides with me all the time and I have to admit I ride it to sometimes all that being said, Here is the problem I have. All was fine till one of his cousins came to ride with us on his XR 100 My son wanted to try it. Within an hour he was taking off and stopping like he had beed doing it for years. Now guess what he wants a motorcycle with a clutch. If your son is 10 I believe that you might be better served to beg, borrow, or steal someones small xr 80 or 100 and try your son on it for about an hour to see if he may be able to grasp it. If you buy the klx for a 10 year old you may be in the same boat I am this Christmas. New bike or manual clutch kit. Now what bike to get the boy. No Honey I think he will do just fine on that crf250x.
  7. Tomahawk

    I just don't get it.

    454 cubic inch two stroke, that would rock get in, sit down, shut up, and hold on
  8. Tomahawk

    sUm sIte I sHoUld lOOk aT?

    Don't know if I agree with everything he says, but I am dumb enough to try some of his rantings
  9. Tomahawk

    Funny names

    Sign in local body shop. Helen Waite is our credit manager If you want credit please go to Hel en Wait
  10. Tomahawk

    110 exhaust

    Thats how my sons is right now, stock with the baffle out It really seemed to help but, WoW is it loud. are the aftermarket pipes as loud as it is. If they are I would never buy one. His 110 is louder than my 250 running without the baffle.
  11. Tomahawk

    headlight on a 110

    O.K. guys, Help me out. My son has a klx 110 and he wants to put a headlight on it. Does thes 110 even have a lighting coil in it or would I have to buy a coil and a headlight ? and if it does have a lighting coil how big of a headlight can I safely put on it. Thans for any insights into this matter.
  12. Tomahawk

    klx 110 4th gear mod

    I would like to know how hard this mod is. The shift drum is under 100.00 dollars, but how hard and labor intensive is it to install. Can your average everyday wrencher install or will I have to call in heavy duty reinforcments.(someone who actually knows what they are doing) Please anyone who has done this mod let me know what you think and the performance outcome.