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  1. I also found that the narrower 130 makes it much easier when carving through tight switch-backs.
  2. I know rider ability, maintenance and riding conditions will be a contributing factor, but I still find it amazing that models from the same year can be so different in terms of reliability. I have just torn the motor out of my 04 after two years of trouble free racing H&H and trail riding (157 hrs worth). It has been nothing but rock solid. Left hand intake tightened very slightly at 30 hrs but moved no more. Maybe i was pressing my luck so thought i'd treat it to a new piston, valve springs etc!!
  3. 122 hrs now on my 04 X, including a year racing H&H wiv not one valve adjustment. All still sweet. Ride,ride ride.
  4. Halfway between the two marks is the way to go.
  5. Lots of info here.
  6. Nice pics chrissa. Watch those dome headed mounting bolts though. When the heads take a bashing on rocks etc they are a real pain to undo as you can no longer insert an allen key into them. I replace mine with normal hex bolts.
  7. Mine did exactly the same thing. After a 20 mph or so tumble and the left hand bolt snapped clean off. I replaced them with longer bolts with nuts on the back, but on another get off the top of the billet triple clamp mount bent big time. Be warned.
  8. Plenty of info here:
  9. Welcome on board. Sure beats peddling eh?
  10. Won't stretch as bad as stock? I reckon the stocker is as good as i have ever used on a dirt bike. 700 + miles on mine and 3 - 4 adjustments. Can't complain about that. Both sprockets are on the way out, but when checked the chain had very little sideways bend.
  11. That bike just plain rocks. Simple but very effective.
  12. Nice report HR. That has got to be next on my shopping list.
  13. I'd never have guessed. Lol. Only joking. Could be a little larger though.
  14. I know wot those m-way crash barriers are like! Front tyre blow out at 95mph! Sheeeeeeet! Hold on tight dude...n go for it.
  15. Differences are minimal. I have ridden an 05 and really didn't notice anything. Apart from being slightly cleaner. Lol. I would stick with wot you have, and spend the money it would cost to part ex to modify it to suit you're needs.