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    CDI units on new KXF

    I checked everything posssilble.I have more Knoledge than the dealer about 4 strokes.I checked cam timing we did thr valves ETC.the fork seals are also blown out we noticed it today..I went to the dealer today and they have no clue.there trying to get me a refund.
  2. scrapy

    CDI units on new KXF

    So my CDI box comes in and with no suprise to me the bike STILL does NOT RUN!!!!!!and I can tell the dealer does not have a clue.I have to say this bike is junk.I am so pissed at this point.2 monthes and no one has a clue or can tell the truth about the problems with the bike.I am telling the dealers over here whats recalled and what is not.they should just call them all back and start over .if you guys had the same problems you would feel the same.I am NOT a brand loyal guy but my yamaha was beet on for 2 years and starts evey time!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. scrapy

    CDI units on new KXF

    My bike ran for 45 Min.the bike started running lean and stopped running after that .I brought back to the dealer they went through the bike and found the cdi was bad.that was 2 months ago and they tell me it should be here today.as a 4 stroke fan i liked the bike even though i had 45 min. on it.It handled mint and flew even better. i thought i had a 80 under me.Id like a bit more power.I came of a yz and the kx blows it away in handling but i would like the yz power.who knows maybe the power will be there with a new cdi.