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  1. It's funny - when you put on an enduro in the pines you're not allowed to staple the arrows to the trees. We have to use lath for sign posts. But, when the greenies want to close off an area to riding they just cut the trees down.
  2. DanDRZ

    Fix for Sticky Steering Bearings

    +1 on the BelRay grease. I've been using it for 20+ years and have never had any issues with a bearing that was maintained with the stuff. They're all going to go eventually but at least it won't be because of crappy grease.
  3. DanDRZ

    Removing decals from the plastic?

    Soften them up with a heat gun. Be careful you don't get the underlying plastic too hot, common sense with the gastank of course. Once they get warm enough they'll peel right off. If there's any left over adhesive, mineral spirits usually gets it right off.
  4. DanDRZ

    Guttless rear fender quandry.

    These guys sell nice grab straps for bikes: http://thetugger.com We've got them on all of our bikes. Well made and nice folks to deal with.
  5. DanDRZ

    June 14 SJER Dual Sport,NJ

    I'm sure that as soon as they've solved all the murders, robberies, rapings, etc. they'll swing by the gun club and have a look around. They'll get to the politicans the following Monday I guess.
  6. DanDRZ

    June 14 SJER Dual Sport,NJ

    I'm a member of the club. It's likely that the NJ State Police will be at the start. SOP at most NJ dualsports these days. The trails are looking real good. If you can make it out you'll definitely have a great ride.
  7. DanDRZ

    Need the KTM info

    There's a lot of info here on thumpertalk in the model specific section of the forums. www.ktmtalk.com is a first rate site for all things KTM.
  8. Sounds like the powervalve is not working correctly. Somtimes they get gummed up with carbon. There is also a known issue with a lobe on the actuator arm wearing out. Go to the two-stroke forum on www.ktmtalk.com and do a search for +200 and +powervalve. You'll find a ton of great maintenance info there.
  9. DanDRZ

    Seriously? 90 bucks for a chain guide?

    These guys make one that is virtually indestructable: http://www.tmdesignworks.com/
  10. Not sure if these guys do overnight but they're good: http://www.carbparts.com/index.html
  11. DanDRZ

    04 250 EXC - Where's the power?

    We have a 2004 250SX and it's a woods missile. Ive' never ridden the EXC but there is a ton of posts on what to do with it at http://www.ktmtalk.com. The most common suggestion is the 250SX piston & head. I see them on EBay quite often.
  12. DanDRZ

    Bike for my girlfriend

    KX/RM 100 is a great bike. Put a flywheel weight on it to take the edge off the hit and prevent stalling in the slow stuff (which isn't that bad to begin with). Super reliable, great handling. Makes a dynamite woods bike for a smaller adult size rider. My son had one, sold it when he shot up in height. We loved that bike.
  13. DanDRZ

    03 Ktm 250sx

    My 16 yr old son has an '04. We ride in the woods. We've added a flywheel weight and use the yellow PV spring. Other than the usual woods accessories and woods suspension upgrades that's it. Bike is very very predictable and reliable. Maybe the '03 is a different beast, dunno.
  14. DanDRZ

    where to ride in york,pa

    Here's a great place: http://www.tctri.org
  15. DanDRZ

    The Wife and a 2 Stroke

    KX (or RM) 100. Put on a flywheel weight. Easily controllable power, real suspension, reliable as a hammer.