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  1. California

    Long time! Been a couple of years since I logged in. Just saw the post about Walt....too sad...what a great guy. Hope you are well.
  2. California

    Sorry to hear about the personal issues Chad. Definitely time to reconnect.
  3. How do you remove the bushing? Isn't it in a "blind hole" (access from only one side)?
  4. With your multimeter on the VAC setting measure the voltage across the terminals in the headlight socket. With the engine running and while blipping the throttle if you are reading in the 20+volts range then you have a bad regulator. It should read around ~12V.
  5. 30 miles of fire road to get to the good stuff?????
  6. California

    You be nice now!
  7. Might be the source for your brake light. That's how I did mine.....
  8. Look for a 2000-2002 WR400/WR426 stator. 120 watts and a direct drop in plug and play replacement. It's what I run on my 99 WR400 (all stock with no stator/Baja Design mods)
  9. It was. Lost my moto mojo.....
  10. Recovering from a broke collar bone (MTB), and it had everything to do with me! Been almost 5 months since I last rode moto....
  11. Man, I miss you guys....
  12. California

    And he DID show up in this just have to know where to look:smirk: