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  1. This is great orange locust f!ck them! LMFAO
  2. My opinion about this bikes is one , I hate orange austrian scrapbikes !
  3. kawamonstermommaforwhom ??
  5. billyyazel check this link KoRn Cz Here To Stay I have new album Untouchables, is great for me Metal Mulisha troops rule !
  6. Obviously you've spent more time listening to music than you spent in English class ? Hey DR.billZ ! Who care what you think about my music or language education ?? If you dont understand me shut up and go away at peace
  7. My favorite web (Rick Johnson is my idol ) (Tefus is my idol too ) (Frank rule;) (I love babes :-)
  8. Daryl win ! in muddy Seville track whooha ! congrats
  9. Cool vid Look Bubba 1 minute video amazing
  10. Yeap !! Another brick in the wall !! classic !!
  11. OMG ! what is !$@% Milli Vanilli ?? heheh sound like Vanila Ice pooser !
  12. metal, new metal, punk-rock, country or what ? Huh I like and listen all this $hit but country make me sick !
  13. Here is some pic KTM mx 250F 2003
  14. "MXA has said if you don't race" "you are a poser" ?? bullsh!t, f!ck MXA ! I riding motorcycle for myself ! My poser definition .. someone like Cameron .. who ?? U know .. this gay from TV