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  1. ses601

    The Landing 2/1..............50's anyone?

    yea i thought it was gonna be gone by sunday but there's no way. na my 50's got pretty much every single part replaced. let me know if anyone is going there b/c i ride with 14 other 50's regularly.
  2. hey whats up all...just trying to get a little bunch together to hit the adult 50 track at the landing in maryland sunday. it's just too cold and not enough fun on a big bike please reply if you're interested.
  3. ses601

    newer BBR SP5 forks for XR50

    i just got a set off ebay about 10 minutes ago. yes, they are MUCH better. in fact, you cant even compare then to stock because the stock forks have absolutely no dampening whatsoever.
  4. ses601

    Hottest XR50/KLX110!!!!!!

    well first of all, any mini is awesome. however, i kind of like this particular one best
  5. ses601

    let's see your 50's

    ok, here's my 2003 xr50. since then, i added a '71 honda SL70 manual clutch. my 50
  6. ses601

    South jeresy

    just a comment on the pit in millville...the last 3 times i was there i got booted. the last time i was there, i experienced a first: I GOT BLOCKED INTO A PIT
  7. ses601


    yea it is polished concrete, so the first few races should be interesting i think any scooter tire will do fine. you'll get pretty good grip after some rubber is layed down no matter what tire you have (except of course knobbies)
  8. ses601

    Adult XR 50 races at Timonium

    there's some info and links about timonium in the northeast post section that will help ya out
  9. ses601

    initial xr50 motor mods

    a few things: the clutch must be upgraded too, the ishock is a whole lot better than the paoli so spend the extra money, a longer swingarm does amazing things to handling
  10. ses601

    ATTN: all NJ & area 50 riders

    agreed. the beginner and/or intermediate track are LOTS of fun, no matter how old or how young you are. the trails are a little hooptie for smaller bikes b/c of all the deep sand and whoops.
  11. ses601


    i plan to be down there all three days (12-12, 12-13, and 12-20). i'm #601 on a xr50 with woody graphics decked out in BBR stuff. i may race 125 class too, not sure yet.
  12. ses601

    Best Swingarm. BBR, Sano, or Five O?

    i never liked gold very much, but i do like the quality of BBR stuff. so needless to say, the gold is growing on me. that swingarm is great and i'd be surprised if there are many other people beating theirs as much as mine. it's unreal how much better it handles.....wheelies are a little more tricky to ride out on a longer swingarm (although that's with a big bore kit added too).
  13. ses601

    Uni pod installed now bogs???

    start by dropping the clip one position. you may need to mess with the air screw after that. 50's are wierd for some reason....sometimes this works perfectly, other times people just need to change the main jet.
  14. ses601

    initial xr50 motor mods

    listen to jetster, he's right on. spend the $400 for the complete big bore kit (carb, cam, everything) and about $60 for the rev box. you may want to try a 15 tooth front sprocket with this setup, it's a lot of fun the best part about this is it rips, and isn't that loud (still using the stock pipe).
  15. ses601

    let's see your 50's

    nice, that's what i was looking for! i wish i had my first bike to restore hey tooqwick....what the nitrous i will have some pics of mine next week. i THOUGHT i had it all finished up 2 weeks ago, but i don't really like the color i painted the frame, so i'm gonna re-do it all