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  1. Will raptor 700 front shocks fit a 660? Want to upgade without buying elka or I-shock. Thanks for input.
  2. Parting out. Not stolen! Have papers.
  3. I have an 03 450f with red sticker. I just bought a 06 wr frame with certificate of origin. ($400.00) even has epa sticker on downtube. Plan on swaping parts over and register as new. Then sell old frame with title. This works for me because I have steel frame. You will have to get frame from someone that is parting out an 07 for this to work for you. Hope to have a green sticker and plate on a 06 with 03 parts when im all done.
  4. frmotorsports

    03 yzf450 to 06 wr50 frame?

    I live in socal. Looking to get new stator and dualsport kit. Friend is a cop and will sign off on my inspection. Ill take mso and inspection report to dmv and see if i can get plate before buying other things. Hopefully in the end I will have a 06 frame with 03 parts and dualsport kit with green sticker and plate?
  5. frmotorsports

    03 yzf450 to 06 wr50 frame?

    I was thinking that if the stem and clamps fit in the frame all front suspension would work. Also would swap sub frames for air box and rear fender mounting. Anything else that I am missing? thanks
  6. I would like to swap my 03 parts to a wr frame. What are the diffrences in the 03 frame and the 06 wr frame. I know motor mount locations are the same. How about other parts? Want to dual sport in cali. Thanks in advance for input
  7. frmotorsports

    03 yzf450 to 06 wr50 frame?

    Any input? Please
  8. frmotorsports

    03 yzf450 to 06 wr50 frame?

    Looking to swap my parts from my 03yzf450 to a 06wr45o frame. I know the motor mounts are the same with exception to the wider frame at the downtube but what about swaping the other parts over. Other than the kickstand mounts are there any other diffrences between frames? I Live in cali and would like to get green sticker/plate. Thanks for replys in advance
  9. frmotorsports

    Dubach D shape exhaust

    Any one know how the new D-shape can from dubach racing performs. Is it the same performance wise compared to the old round can? Does it weight more or less? If someone can let me know that would be great. I have a new FMF ti system in the for sale fourm if someone is intrested. Thanks to anyone that can help.