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  1. hodaphile

    Silverton, CO toxic brew?

    Thanks for the feedback! We'll be on dual sported bikes so plan was to hit several of the jeep trails and enjoy scenery plus explore mines and ghost towns. Then another day throw bikes in truck and head for Telluride area to ride some more challenging trails. At least that is where I heard there was such. Thanks for the feedback. We're on dual sport bikes so part
  2. hodaphile

    Handgun carry on the trails

    I carry a gun in my backpack, unloaded and with a trigger lock, in a soft case with a lock on that. Since I carry a wheel gun, ammo is in a speed loader carried in separate pocket. This is a normal procedure for carrying in passenger compartment of a car in states without open carry legal. Most call for the gun to be "locked" but don't specify how. Even in many rural areas there are game laws that were put in place so people don't hunt from a moving vehicle. This locking method ensures that you are in compliance in those situations also. It isn't a great answer for self-protection in a hurry, but if you primary purpose is protect yourself when you stop for the night it can be workable. Once stopped, you can then prepare for open carry now that you are off the vehicle.
  3. I was planning a trip to Silverton in mid-Sept but following the typical government-led CF at Gold King Mine I am fearful of bureaucratic over-reaction closing down everything in the area. I've read that a lot of the river has been closed but nothing about any of the backcountry 4x4 trails. Would appreciate any feedback from locals since very little (other than "it wasn't my fault") seems to be reported in the media. Thanks!
  4. hodaphile

    Are 250X and 250R SEAT PANS the same?

    Thanks for the great answers! Now I have to find a pan off an 04-07 250X!
  5. hodaphile

    Are 250X and 250R SEAT PANS the same?

    Been trying to buy a replacement seat pan (2006). Honda lists the R and X as different part numbers but not sure if that is the seat itself or the pan also? How about the 450X and R?
  6. hodaphile

    plated bike, off road...

    If you have a plate and no green sticker then you have to meet the ALL the requirements for the plate at all times, regardless of where you are riding. The condition for the plate being issued are meeting the requirements, don't have them, don't qualify for plate. Yes, it means you could be riding in Johnson Valley Open Area and get a citation for running non-DOT tires and no headlight even during the day. If you have a green sticker then as long as you are not on a "road" that requires you to be street legal, you can strip equipment. Often the level of scrutiny you receive is in line with the level of a-hole you exhibit when approached for a warning. Usually the more questionable the area in terms of legal open area, the more I toe the line on legality.
  7. hodaphile

    $15 battery deal

    The way the battery is mounted in the X is a big cause of their short term life, especially if you are constantly starting the bike. the discharging sloughs the plates and since it is laid on it's side and there isn't room for it to pile up as it would if the battery were properly stood up. I use cheap batteries and just replace them every year or so. The idea of a 450 battery is interesting but I don't know how it would fit, I thought the stock one was a pretty tight fit?
  8. hodaphile

    Biggest fattest widest crf250x rear tire?

    I didn't like a wide tire on mine and think it works against this bike. It doesn't have the brute power down low like a 450 so the big tire makes it take longer to get it up into the higher revs where it starts to make most of its power. Though I will contradict myself when I run a trials tire. But that is usually when I am riding in rocks and trying NOT to spin the tire up into the revs.
  9. hodaphile

    Chinese radiators on Ebay

    Did the ones you bought say they fit both R and X? I emailed a few of the listings. Two said the were for either right or left side, not both - I was supposed to know by their internal part number (yeah that makes sense!) Another actually apologized (US seller) an said they would make sure to clarify in the future. Chinese quality is usually very good - a lot of the US brand parts are already made there anyway. It's their listings that usually suck as they don't really know what the parts are made for - they are just stealing it off what the original design was for.
  10. hodaphile

    Chinese radiators on Ebay

    Has anyone tried these? I was prepping my 06 250X yesterday and couldn't get the radiator cap off. Found radiator brace was all jacked up so I pulled it off and pounded it into shape. Then it wouldn't line back up. That led me to notice that the radiator itself looked like a spaghetti noodle! So onto ebay to look for a replacement. There are tons of offerings and super cheap! Like under $100 for a pair. What worries me is typical chinese QC problems, but more is the lousy descriptions used! Some aren't clear whether they are for one side or a pair, and what they fit. Several say they fit 450R, 450X, 250R and 250X - but Honda shows a different part number for each. So either they did make them universal - or more likely from what I have found, they don't know what they actually fit and throw up anything possible fitment - Sure they fit after you weld on some tabs, drill extra holes in radiator and frame, and then switch to a left side radiator shroud off a 1985 YZ490, yeah, that's what they meant by "fits" in the description many times. I did get mine bent back into using a couple boards and a c-clamp but have already bought a good used OE for spare and probable replacement soon.
  11. hodaphile

    Jerry Counts rouge trail "maintenance" ?

    whats GP Sexchange.com?
  12. Great event and hope lots of folks come out!
  13. The only way to really do it now is to register it in another state first, then transfer to CA. It has over 5000 miles (wink wink nudge nudge) then it doesn't need an inspection for smog by DMV. Take it around to registration shops not DMV, keep asking until you find someone to pass it.
  14. Hoping to find someone with some extra garage space that could store a Kawasaki Ninja 250 for the summer. My son is a student in Ithaca, when he comes to CA for the summer he needs someplace to park his bike for a couple months. PM or even better, send email to hodaphile@hotmail.com. Thanks! Rich
  15. hodaphile

    DEVILS HOLE: This Saturday - Mar 31 2012

    Just don't build any dams on the stream! Last year, the weekend before the BBTR event in Oct, someone built a dam down the middle of the stream and across to the far bank. It left a hole that had to be crossed that well over waist deep and would have drowned out every bike. It took a few of us almost two hours to tear it down and drain it enough so that it was passable. If it had stayed people would have detoured upstream and left quite a mess which would have made a great photo op for any convenient green weinies wanting proof of trail abuse.