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  1. s_ellis

    99' Yamaha 225 Xt

    645 Original Miles. Excellent Condition. 1,800.00 Asking. Any Offers Let Me Know. Its Sitting In My Parents Garage In East Wenatchee, Wa. Thanks, Seth
  2. s_ellis

    Selling an 03 DRZS

    Wenatchee, WA... Thanks for the advise... I am just thinking about selling but Im just looking for a ball park figure on my bike to sell.
  3. s_ellis

    Selling an 03 DRZS

    Im selling my 400S... 2000 miles New kendra front and rear tires pro taper handle bars black plastic ufo tail light renthal front sproket fmf ti 4 exhaust gear... hjc helmet... used 1 time paid 218.00 alpinstar vector boots... used 1 time also paid 239.00 fox airframe chest protector spy tear off goggles with black replacement -paid 59.99 rep. lens 19.00 fox gear bag- paid 99 2 new fox jerseys How much is the bike worth? Gear? With all this together what would you think i could sell it for?
  4. s_ellis

    Crazy weather!

    Speaking of all this crappy weather... It sounds like it will last for another week or so!!! I just got back from AZ and it was like 80 degrees now coming back to this weather is like culture shock!!!! I cant take it!!! It needs to stop! Take care all!!!
  5. s_ellis

    Need To Rejet

    I have an aftermarket exhaust and have done the air box modification... I need to rejet to a 142.5 main jet and 25 pilot.... Where can I get a kit? Best deal? Best Brand? Thanks Seth
  6. s_ellis

    Soft Rear Brake

    Recently I posted about having my rear brake pads stuck together. Got that problem fixed. Now Iam to the point where I have a rear brake but it is way too soft. I have to press the lever all the way down and yeah dosent work well for me! How can I stiffen it up?
  7. s_ellis

    storage help please!

    There is no need for storage!!!! Travel to the unsnowy area!!! Just playing!!! if you have an S you might want to start it a couple times a month so the battery dosen't die. Or even disconnect it and charge it when your ready to go. Personally i would drain the gas tank if your garage is heated. Who knows what everyone else thinks. Also I would just do a good lube job and clean it well for next spring. Im still new to the whole dirt bike world but thoughts help.
  8. s_ellis

    Rear Brake

    i tried pulling them apart with my fingers and it didn't work so then i bleed them off and used the screw driver to spead them apart. so now im to the point where i have no rear brake. so i guess my question now is how do i put pressure back in the system?
  9. s_ellis

    Rear Brake

    im an idiot. let alone new to the hobby of working on dirt bikes. i got a flat and changed it. but when i wanted to put it on the rear brake pads were suck together. so i thought what do i do? the only thing that came to my mind was to bleed it. so i did and some, not a lot of brake fluid spilled. got the pads apart and put the tire on sucessfully. BUT now i have no rear brake. no pressure nothing. now i ask what do i do? you guys can call me a dumb ass and all the other names you can think of but if at all possible could you guys help me out? thanks
  10. s_ellis


    Where can i get a LED taillight? I've checked Acerbis and Baja Designs but none that appealed to me. What Im looking for is a strip of led lights and thats it. Something i can mount on my 03'400 DRZS or make a bracket that will work. So if anyone can help me id appreciate it!!! Thanks! Seth
  11. s_ellis

    Rear Brake

    no i didn't know what to do thats why i asked. new rider and owner so im on the need to know basis!!
  12. s_ellis

    milage on a tank of gas?

    Stock i got 120 miles before the reserve in town and highway miles. now i dont know what i get, new exhaust and lots of mods!
  13. s_ellis

    DRZ400, great beginer bike?

    funny thing.... the 03' drz400s was my first bike! had it for a year and works perfect for me!!! i also am 19 6'2" and 190. the bike is great!!! good luck with your choice! Seth
  14. s_ellis

    Rear Brake

    As of now my rear brake is too touchy. I can maybe press the brake about an inch and it just locks up. Is there any way i can put a little more play in my brake so it wont lock up and skid as easily? 2003 DRZS 400 Seth
  15. s_ellis

    Wenatchee Riders

    Up towards Clockum? also i need a map of that area, do you know where i can get on? the fish and game dept? keep me posted on the rides dont know if i can make it this sat i gotta work but KEEP me posted!!! i appreciate it! Seth