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  1. Slappy

    Clearwater area....

    So are you saying that the area behind outback is shutdown. What other areas are there. The woods on little? are they good for riding? what areas if so. Well let me know what and where you guys are riding and if we can join in....... Beau.
  2. Slappy

    Clearwater area....

    Hey guys I am moved in with the bikes. I really really want to ride. I have not been on my bike this summer and need to ride. When do you guys ride? I live in thousands oaks in Trinity and actually can hear somebody on what sounds like a 125 riding on little road. Call me and let me know when you ride. 727-235-1694. Beau...
  3. Slappy

    Clearwater area....

    Hey that sounds great. I am actually down here already but we dont close on the house until the first of August and my bike is in storage in Gainesville. As soon as I get settled I will call you guys.... Beau......
  4. Slappy

    YZ450F For trails?

    The power is great for trails and it all depends on the throttle hand. I ride one in the woods. You will need a flywheel weight. Get new bars, bar guards, and upper tripple. Get a steering damper. You might want to also drop the forks in the clamps and that will get it to turn on a dime. But on the power issue the bike is a handfull even with flywheel weights but thats what makes it fun. You will want to have some suspension work done because the bike is set up for MX not trails, but you can still ride it fast with stock suspension. Look at is this way, its fast,fun,and hits really hard. If you want controlled and boring get a Honda..... Slappy......
  5. Slappy

    Clearwater area....

    Hey, Bruce. I was down in the Trinity area looking at houses this last weekend and while I was leaving I was heading onto I75 and saw some guys heading behind Outback wih what looked like a KTM and then a truck with some quads. What is the area like behind Outback on 54/I75. Just to let you know I will be moving down there next week. We had to rent a condo for a month or so in clearwater to let the house in Gainesville sell and then do the closing in Trinity. I am looking foward to riding in new areas. I will drop you an E-Mail when we move in. Beau......
  6. Slappy

    Clearwater area....

    I should be there in about two weeks. I will drop you a line and see about getting together to ride. I am the same way not heavy riding just riding for fun. I am glad to know there are people there that ride. Thanks for the info. Talk to you soon. Beau.
  7. Slappy

    Clearwater area....

    Where?. I am going to be moving into the New Port Richey Trinity area. I like croom I was just curious if there was any place close to be able to ride after work for an hour or so. Thanks.
  8. Slappy

    Clearwater area....

    I am moving from the Gainesville area to Clearwater and I was curious what kind of riding there is besides croom. I dont ride MX tracks just off road. Also have a 7yrold who will be riding. Any suggestions???? Beau.
  9. Slappy

    03 YZ450F Tag Clamps for sale

    Where are you located? I am in Gainesville, FL and would like to purchase the tripples just curious about shipping. Beau.............