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    A little help...

    I've tried the plates both directions... I'm stumped. I didn't use a headcover gasket... I've always had very good luck with GM gasket maker (#1052943). I've used it on all different types of covers on all different types of bikes and am wondering if this could cause the cover/mount to not line up correctly.? Thanks Raymond
  2. L84dinr

    A little help...

    I pulled the head off my XR250, a 2001 model. The valve guides needed some attention and the intake tracts were cleaned up some. Anyway I have buttoned everything back up but am having trouble getting the top Headcover/mount lined up and the bolts aren't fitting. What have I done wrong? Do I need to loosen the rest of the motor mounts to get the engine to move around in the frame? Thanks for any and all help. Raymond
  3. L84dinr

    Going to SuperMotard a XR250...

    First off, I screwed up by listing this topically as "racing SuperMotard"; actually it is road racing... NO Dirt, (unless I screw a corner up and go off track). The class in which I will be racing is called a Heavy Mini Class. Up too 250cc aircooled four strokes, any chassis. and up to 85cc two-stroke any chassis. I have, for the last two years, been racing a RM80 engine in a '93 Honda RS125 chassis, a GP bike. Lotsa fun and the mini class is s'posed to be cheaper, It hasn't been this past season. I picked up this 250 to ride around the pasture, (and thinking I might try to shoehorn the engine in the GP chassis, all's it takes is money and time), the low end torque is SO COOL that I think it would be fun to ride/race on the track. It will prolly get it's tail end handed to it by the RS80 bikes but what the hey, it's about the fun as much as anything else. If the bike finishes a race I'll be Happy; which my RS80 only finshed one race out of six, this past season. Kept siezing pistons. Thanks, Raymond
  4. L84dinr

    Going to SuperMotard a XR250...

    I asked the question here in the XR section 'cause my main concern is engine temps. Most of the supermoto guys are running water cooled bikes, and they dadgum sure aint't racing little ole 250 size bikes. Sooo what is the optimum temp for a XR250 engine. Most of you all ride for a couple of hours at a time racing scrambles and just plain riding, I figured y'all would have a handle on engine temps. Corey, Thanks for the info re: the airbox. Never occured to me it would be to keep water out! I am Used to racing in the rain, but not thru streams. rtp
  5. Hello All, I am planning on roadracing my '01 XR250, supermoto style. ( I will prolly fit the bike with CBR wheels, heavier than lace up wheels. but defintely lighter on the pocketbook). The bike is eligible in what is called Heavy Mini class. The series is an endurance series and the races last from two too six hours. My main concern is engine oil temperature. WHat is the optimum operating temperature? Also have any of you had luck running Synth. oil. I have used it before in my race Hawk, but the clutches slipped. I changed back to Dino oil. I want the extra benefit of Synth. oils keeping things cool. Also the bike came equipped with a K&N filter in the airbox. Is there a reason why the airbox is always left on the most off-road bikes? They sure are a PITA. I reckon it is to keep dirt clods from beating the hell out of the filter element, shrug. Since I am RR I am thinking of ditching the airbox and installing a filter which fits directly to the carb intake. Sorry for the length and thanks for the help. Raymond CMRA #882 #82endurance RS/RM80 XR100 XR50 and boxes of Hawks and Ducks...
  6. L84dinr

    Can you add "Choke" to Edelbrock carb

    Hello, a new XR250 owner here. I recently purchased an '01 250 with an edelbrock pumper carb. I played heck getting the thing started. Finally figured I would TRY to flood the thing. The start drill for me is three slow rolls on the throttle, bring to TDC and kick thru. Generally will start on the second try almost always on the third try. (don't worry about flooding, it is hard to do cold, my findings anyway) I have the adjustment screw for the pumper set according to what the MFG. suggested in the directions. The "choke" option is no help if the bike isn't starting! I tried and it didn't help any. I went a whole two days after purchasing the bike before I "figured" out the starting drill, Doh! Boy was my spouse poking fingers in my ribs and having a good laugh. Hope this helps and good luck. I know it is very frustrating. Raymond