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  1. ThunderChicken

    Private Tracks - North Bend

    I'm in the same boat. Moved to North Bend two years ago from SoCal. Would love to know of a private EX track or some single track loops or even a place to ride trials on private land (most likely place would be around Fall City near Tokul as there isn't a lot of private land in North Bend). Like the OP, I'd be willing to sign waiver, help build trails, work on the track, etc. Frankly, my read is that since the Snoqualmie Valley is in King county and close to the Redmond/Bellevue mess, it's too "on the radar" as far as private property goes. The land is worth too much for a guy to just have 30 acres laying around with trails and a track sitting on it.
  2. ThunderChicken

    Looking for "Shake Down Loop" and staging near Cle Elum

    Yes there's a ton of great loops I could put together out of North Bend, and do, once.
  3. ThunderChicken

    Looking for "Shake Down Loop" and staging near Cle Elum

    Ah ok. But I thought there is still riding in Cle Elum, right?
  4. ThunderChicken

    Looking for "Shake Down Loop" and staging near Cle Elum

    Makes sense. So there's nothing in Cle Elum? Or, is all the Cle Elum stuff epic "get on the bike and come back to the truck in 4 hours? Ok good to know. What is "tcf?"
  5. ThunderChicken

    Looking for "Shake Down Loop" and staging near Cle Elum

    Awesome. This is exactly what I needed. Thanks!
  6. New to the Northwest. Live in North Bend. I've been off motos for awhile but have a 2004 CRF450R that I've recently inherited that I'm going to set up for off-road. Can someone tell me a good spot to stage out of in the Cle Elum area where I can jump on the bike, run it out on a mile or two of single track, and turn around and come back to the truck to make adjustments? I really don't want to take the bike out on a big ride till I know it's dialed in and most importantly won't strand me. It looks like Tayhuya or Walker Valley would be better suited but since I'm in North Bend, it would be really easy to get over to Cle Elum after work during the week to get the bike dialed in. I'd really appreciate someone telling me a good spot to park and a good trail to hop onto or a small 5 mile loop to piece together. I'm also looking for a spot close to North Bend, the pass, or Cle Elum (can be grey area PM me if you want) to teach my daughter how to ride. Obviously need somewhere I can work with her close to the truck without a bunch of squids.
  7. ThunderChicken

    Register CRF450R with CA. Title

    I'm getting 450X for sure. After watching videos from the riding around the area, it looks like there's plenty of technical trails to warrant the 450X. I've got the 450R up on CL now: http://seattle.craigslist.org/est/mcy/5064797052.html
  8. ThunderChicken

    Has anyone ever approached the timber companies?

    After moving to the area less than a year ago and seeing how "anti" everything people are here, I am amazed that Dirt Fish is able to operate.
  9. ThunderChicken

    Has anyone ever approached the timber companies?

    Hey ACree, I think I've seen your posts over on MTBR. I'm "KellyC" over there. I live in North Bend. We should ride sometime. I've got lots of good stuff around Rattlesnake lake. Good to see another "cycling" motorcyclist. Or visa versa. : )
  10. ThunderChicken

    Register CRF450R with CA. Title

    It's "XRKell" I just found my old TT handle which I haven't used in years. Going to use this from here out. Sorry to switch in the middle of a thread but I didn't realize this one was still usable. Ok that's good to know as it opens my options up for finding a clean used 450X that I can then plate. Thanks for all the help. I really appreciate it.
  11. Thanks for the reply. Good to know for future reference. She just blindly bid on the item thinking it would bolt up to her son's CRF70. I'll just give her a refund and relist. Thanks again.
  12. Can the OEM Honda CRF50/XR50 swingarm be used on a CRF70/XR70? I've got a bidder who bought one from me for her son's bike and she didn't realize that he's got a 70. I don't know because I've never parted out a 70. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. ThunderChicken


    The new 250L, the psuedo adventure bike coming this summer, and their keeping the CBR250 around are all good signs. I hear there are more models coming this fall including refreshes for the two X's.
  14. ThunderChicken

    2013 Honda Off-Road Line-up Announced

    Just because they didn't talk about the 450X and 250X in the press release doesn't mean the bikes are going away. They often leave out the "competition" offroad bikes (450X and 250X) when they announce new models or drastic changes to one of the MX bikes in the early summer.
  15. ThunderChicken

    Stewart proving it was the Yamaha

    Almost want to map the hate by geography. Could be telling.