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  1. Moondogger

    Broken collar bone, no surgery on this ?

    Bone growth of a 6 year old is a good thing. The younger you are,the faster your bone heals/grows. That's why most kids don't need surgery when they break a bone.
  2. Moondogger

    moving on up in life

    Yeah, I had a WR450 and an RMZ450 in between. All of them great bikes and a great progession up to the KTM.
  3. Moondogger

    moving on up in life

    Started on a 2001 Honda XR250... now I'm on a 2015 KTM 500 EXC.
  4. Moondogger

    Broken collar bone, no surgery on this ?

    Sounds like you're getting some good bone growth already and sounds like you have a better doctor. Keep us updated on the progress.
  5. Moondogger

    Broken collar bone, no surgery on this ?

    Sabbathhead, I feel your pain (pun intended). I broke my collarbone back in November. I was riding on a trail that was a whooped out and the bike got away from me and I clipped a tree with my right handguard. I high-sided and went over the handlebars. Hit the ground hard. My buddy who was with me knew immediately that I broke my collarbone since he broke his as a teenager. 10 mile ride on a bumpy road back to my truck and a 2 hour drive home in Sunday traffic then a ride to the ER from my wife. X-rays confirmed the broken collarbone, but the MRI showed that I cracked a rib that punctured my lung... I knew something was up when I would take a deep breath and heard weezing in my chest. They admitted me into the hospital for observation to make sure my lung healed up. I ended up spending almost 3 days in the hospital. I started see a orthopedic doctor immediately after the crash. I wore a figure of 8 sling for about 2 months and would go back about once a month for x-rays. The x-rays showed some healing, but not to the level that I was happy with. The doctor said to give it more time and to only worry about it if it started hurting again. Not really the answer I was looking for. A friend of mine broke his collarbone in street bike crash a few years ago and told me to see another doctor and that I should insist on getting the surgery and getting it plated. He said after 4 months of not seeing much healing in his bone, they opted for the surgery. I researched orthopedic surgeons in my area (Los Angeles) and found Kerlan-Jobe which is a pretty well-repected group of orthopedic surgeons here in LA. I made an appointment with one of their surgeons and when I went there, I had my mind made up that I wanted the surgery. The doc listened to my concerns and didn't stop me when I literally demanded that I get the surgery done. He said surgery is definitely an option, but there are pros and cons just like any other surgery. He told me he wanted me to get a CT Scan to really see if there was bone growth happening. He said regular X-rays aren't good at showing the initial stages bone calcification. I did the CT Scan and went back to see him a couple days later. Again, I had my mind set on getting the surgery done as I sat in the examination room. The doctor walked in and the first thing he said was "Good news, the CT Scan is showing bone growth." He showed me the scan and even with my untrained eye, I could see bone bridging the gap between the 2 ends of the broken bone. He said, "If it was my collarbone, I wouldn't do the surgery yet." He's a younger doctor who looks like he's in shape and leads an active lifestyle, so I definitely valued what he said. He prescribed me a bone growth stimulator from Exogen which has a high success rate in helping heal bones that haven't healed on their own. I've been using it for about 2 months and the bone definitely feels more solid at the break site. They will keep monitoring it and see how it progresses. My advice is get the 2nd opinion and keep your spirits up. Surgery can always be an option down the road.
  6. Moondogger

    Intermediate Weekend Rides - LA Area - Ongoing

    I'll be showing some noobs around Gorman tomorrow.
  7. Moondogger

    Help me!

    I put a new battery in the speedo and rode the bike all day yesterday and the code hasn't come back. That seems to have solved the problem.
  8. Moondogger

    Help me!

    I talked to the dealer today. He suspects a bad battery or wire connection. He's talking to his KTM rep tomorrow to find out exactly what the code means. I'm almost due for a 15 hour service, so I'll have them take care of it then. -Alex
  9. Moondogger

    Help me!

    Did you ever get an answer to this? My 2015 KTM 500 EXC just started giving this code today. Also,the speedo will go blank while riding and then all the trip meters and clock will reset to zero. Thanks, Alex
  10. Yeah,that's almost the same set-up I have. Euro map and gearing. I opted for the open endcap on the stock muffler instead of the FMF.
  11. Yes, that it what I am experiencing. Power cutting out at high RPMs.
  12. I probably held the throttle at WOT for maybe 1 second... If the motor can't handle that, I need a different bike. I changed the gearing to 14/50, which has been great so far, but maybe going 13/50 might help the situation.
  13. After doing some research, it appears I'm hitting the rev limiter. I never had this problem with my 2008 Suzuki RMZ450, I could rev that bike to the moon. Is there any way to adjust the rev limiter on the 500EXC, or will I have to adjust my riding style?
  14. I have a fuel sock in the tank. The mechanic at the dealership told me to keep an eye on the tiny inline filter in the fuel line. I put a new one in on the last oil change. I started the bike up when I got home and it did the same thing here. When I rev the throttle in neutral it sounds like it's pulsing when I go from 3/4 to full throttle and keeps doing it when I keep the throttle wide open. I almost didn't make it up a steep hillclimb today because of the pulsing.
  15. Hi, 2nd time on the bike in the dirt and I've noticed a stutter at 3/4 to full throttle. It happens in all gears, but is more noticeable in 1st and 2nd gears. I'm at Gorman and the elevation is about 4,000 ft. I rode Rowher Flats last weekend which is at a bit lower elevation and there was no stuttering. I've also ridden it on the street around Los Angeles and it's been fine. The bike has been desmogged and has had the Euro map uploaded to the ECU. Any advice on how to fix this? Thanks, Alex