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  1. skew

    Got my stolen DR back, now what?

    check out ebay there is an intact wiring harness on there right now
  2. skew

    Highway Pegs for the DR650?

    I would like to have a set of those
  3. skew

    Dr650 Gel Seat - Worth The $$ ??

    I have one its not much better than the stock seat it might increase the ride to around 40-50 miles before your start hurting. I am going to buy a corbin or one from TPI if they ship them before I break down and get new seat. You can go to wal-mart and get a atv seat cover for $16 its worth the money it helps if you have to ride with the stock seat.
  4. skew

    Deal of the century?

    I just bought a 2001 650 about a month ago 141 miles for 2500!!!! mint condition. The only hard part is watching it snow and not being able to ride it Sounds like we both got great deals. So far I rejetted,k&N filter and 14t front sprocket. I had to drain the tank and clean the carb from where it sit around so long. But it runs great. I am going to change the oil in the spring I know that 2 year old breakin oil has to be bad.
  5. skew

    dr650 seat

    Pm me what do you want for it I know a friend that might be interested