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    GasGas fuel injected 4-strioke

    Yes, the title says [FOR OFF-ROAD USE ONLY]. The first DMV I went to I acually had my fingers on the plate as they were pulling it back saying "hey wait a minute, this title says for off-road use only on it". But if Orange County Chopper can build a motorcycle from scratch and register it I don't see why I can't register my perfectly legal LOOKING motorcycle too. And just as soon as I get over from being rejected from those DMV's I'm gonna try again. Bill

    GasGas fuel injected 4-strioke

    Yeah I heard of people getting a salvage title but I want to do it the normal way. I've registered quads before and you still can but they're cracking down on moto-cross bikes and the like cause people are riding them on major highways w/ knobbies no headlight, taillight or blinkers. You gotta at least look street legal. I'm gonna pay off my loan and bring the title up to Vermont and register there. I just need it to ride Enduros and Dual sports and to keep my bike from being taken away by the man. No legal place to ride up here. Bill

    GasGas fuel injected 4-strioke

    I called Trenton DMV and they said I couldn't register a GasGas. I tried to sneek it through four other DMV's even asking for a "special" registration which somebody said is off-road use only but didn't work. There's got to be a way though and I'm gonna find out. I've had no problems w/ my bike and I got a lot of kilometers on it,(can't switch to mph). I lowered the pegs by cutting the bottom tube and moving it up and put fat bars on to make easier access to the key. I always turn the key off so I have enough juice to start cause I never was able to kick start it. My bike doesn't chug at real low rpm's so I'll be looking at gettin the software to custom tune it to my liking. I've heard the 450 kit needs race gas to run good, I like using Amoco premium and my bike starts and runs fine. I've got the WP forks and Ohlins shock, a little soft compared to what I'm used to, I've always rode MX bikes. I work alot of hours too especially this time of year delivering heating oil but because this bike has a brighter light than my KX 250 w/ 35watt lighting coil and KLX headlight I'm able to put some kilometers on at night. Can't let work get in the way of having fun. Lifes too short. Bill

    GasGas fuel injected 4-strioke

    Anybody else own one? I've had mine for about a year and a half, it's an '03 400FSE. It took about six months to start riding it regularly though, that was when the top end on my KX needed to be done. I still haven't put a new top end on my KX. It came w/ blinkers and brake lights which I thought would make it easier to register, fat chance. But I haven't given up yet. Very fun bike to ride though and when I finally register it I'll be riding some Enduros and Dual-Sports. Hope I'm not the only one out there w/ one. Bill