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  1. wr450f2004

    öhlin ttx44 shock obserber

    Thanks I will have look
  2. wr450f2004


    get the orginal front and back obserber shimsed or maby new springs for you weight, i would guess it its set for 150 pounds from the factory
  3. I bought a shock absorber ttx44 from Öhlin and it should also fit onto a WR450F 2009 according Öhlin dealer, it was purchased in the U.S., but it seems that there are differences between US and European models wr450, or they sent me the wrong obserber, the one i got does not fit on a WR450F from 2009, is there anyone in this forum who have bought such an absorber from Öhlins and possibly have a picture of that one so I can compare it with the one I have, then I have something to show to my Öhlin Dealer, because it looks like there is only 1 way communication when it comes to return the iterm, it should also fit on a yz250 2008-2011, Or if one has a picture of the link system from a YZ 250 2008-2011 U.S. model underneath from the side so I can compare the link system on my Wr450 from 2009, i have messure the link system on a wr450 from 2004 and the is the same as on a wr450 2009:bonk: it is the bottom holes i can not aligned, the spring is touching the frame on the swing arm before the holes is aligned so i can't fit the bolt i do have a picture of it but i dont know have to post it here
  4. Thanks That pies of paper with setup was missing when i recived the packets, I just recived the paper with setup after i posted this "issue" her on this site, so now I am on the right track again,
  5. HI I just recived my ny Öhlins front fork kit for my Yamaha wr 450f from 2009 can Any one tell my hov much oil i have to fill in the fork when inst the front fork kit, is it different from the oil level that is when it is the original forks, the inst manual that is comming along the front fork kit from öhlin does not say the amuont of oil that i have to fill in the fork when assemle the
  6. wr450f2004

    Öhlins suspension for wr450F 2009

    thanks i will go for öhlins
  7. HI I just bought and wr450F from 2009:thumbsup:, and will try to get my front and rear suspension shimmed or buy new TTX Cartridge set from Öhlins for the front and a Öhlins shock absorber in the back and get all these shimmed up. Has anybody any experience that it be waste of money to buy Öhlins absorber and shimmed, compared to just shimmed the original front forks