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    Ron Hamp (RHC)

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Ron does wonderful work and is worth the money invested.
  2. chadw

    Ron Hamp (RHC)

    How can I describe the work Ron Hamp did on my 450 for motocross? Hold on 'cause you're going for a ride when you give it the gas!!!!! With porting the heads, new valves and springs as long as rider error stays out of the way no one can touch me on the hole shot. The work he did broadened the power bands, still has all the low end and even added to it. Currently Ron is working on coming out with different valve packages to extend the time between valve adjustments. Ron is able to cater to flat track, dirt track, super motard, and yes even motocross. Hopefully not many in motocross will contact Ron so that I can still get the hole shot and keep it out in front of everyone else. You can get more information on the magic Ron can do at http://www.ronhamp.com.
  3. chadw

    CRF 450 HP

    I can stand behind Ron Hamp in that he knows what he's doing with motor mods. This past summer he did head work on my 450 that I ride in motocross and it gave it more lower end and broadened the upper power band. I can get the hole shot every time now unless, of course, rider error takes over.