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  1. gasketman

    Bad Gas= Bad Bog

    Anybody got any advise?
  2. Here is what i have. 2007 KLX110, Two bros pipe, air box mod, 40 piolt, 90 main, adjustable needle clip in the middle. When I bought the bike last year would barely start or idle. Did the jet/needle change and air box mod and ran like a champ. Have let it sit the last 11 months and now gas has gone bad and has a bog. Cleaned carb and jets and changed gas. Starts right up and idles and revs great on stand. As soon as i get on and ride and open up throttle it bogs badly. If i open up throttle slow and steady it is fine until I open up. Any help is appreciated
  3. Hey Eddie Just installed a 280 kit and have a severe bog when cracking the throttle. Recommended jetting which is installed now is 40 pj and 172 mj. What do you think?
  4. gasketman

    Costa Rica

    Hey Bajataxi Great to hear someone else has a interest in Costa Rica. Have been down a couple of times in the last few years in the Nicoya Penninsula. Rented a dual sport and did some riding last time but want to do something more off road this time around. Should be there sometime between December and March but nothing set. Inlaws have a little place in Carillo Beach so some sport fishing also in the plans. March of 2009 saw a group of about a dozen KTM's which I believe was Moto Tours Costa Rica group. Got me so exited to get something a little more adventurous together.
  5. gasketman

    06 KLX 110 help

    Hey calf-yz400f Will I have to rejet agian with this mod? Have 40 pilot, 90 main and adjustable needle center clip now
  6. gasketman

    Wont idle or start

    New pilot 40, main 90 & adjustable needle middle clip
  7. gasketman

    06 KLX 110 help

    Are there any pictures of the stock air box mod?
  8. gasketman

    Wont idle or start

    Thanks Did the recommended jet changes and thing runs like a champ.
  9. gasketman

    Wont idle or start

    I just picked up a used 2007 110 for my son. All stock except for a 2 bros pipe. Problem is it wont start or run/idle without the choke. I have cleaned the carb and checked for air leaks. Could it need new jetting because of the pipe? Any help is appreciated
  10. gasketman

    Costa Rica Motorcycle Tours/Rentals

    Anybody got anything else to add?
  11. gasketman

    99 YZ400 Tuning?

    Hey there I need some help tuning this bike. All stock except for e White Bros E Series exhaust. I can't get the bike to idle right and it back fires quite a bit when I get out of the gas. I cleaned the carb and checked for any air leaks and found nothing. I don't believe that the jetting has ever been changed to compensate for the exhaust but I was told that it does not have to be. It does have a 180 main jet. I bought this bike a few years ago and have ridden it very little. I would say that the bike has less that 25-30 hours on it. It did idle fine when i got it but allways had the back fire issue. Any help you can give me is appreciated.
  12. I am looking for any info on guided tours and rentals in the Nicoya Peninsula region. My brother and I are looking to rent bikes (WR, CRF, EXC) and do our own exploring or doing a 2-3 day guided tour. We are experienced riders so we do want get off the beat and path and ride the terrian. We will be flying into Liberia with a final destination of Carillo(not on a map) just outside of Samara. I am hoping to find a outfit to hook up with between Liberia and Carillo. Any info and suggestions is appreciated
  13. I have the 450 EXC-R and changed to a 14/50 combo. I called my local dealer and they said I could run this combo with the stock chain. Installed my sprockets and the chain was at least 3 links short. Another $ 100.00 for a 120 link and was back on my way. Make sure that you also lower the chain guide to the second mounting hole. Its a pretty tight fit against the sprocket.
  14. Has anyone tried the IMS or Clark on ths model. How does it fit and look. Pictures would be great. Thanks
  15. Try Walt's Motorsports in Lake Havasu City. My wife negotiated my 2008 450 EXC-R for $ 8,400.00 OTD on the phone and had delivered to our place in Parker a few hours later. From what I have seen on here guys are paying $ 9,000.00-10,000.00 here in So-Cal. Not a bad price for $ 100.00 in gas a days drive for pick up.