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  1. Slide has been removed to change needle but that's it.
  2. Thanks for bump on this.. 45 pilot was new and clean. I didn't tinker with the float height but will check it to see that I didn't bump it while reinstalling the bowl. That actually makes the most sense as it just seems starved. With the much bigger pilot and main this thing should be blubbering compared to the OEM settings, yet it's lean ?!?
  3. Sorry... just edited that. 1.75 turns out. My thought is that barring something strange, the pilot is still too lean. It just seems a little odd as there are plenty of people running a 45 pilot...
  4. Well, I uncorked my son's '03 CRF 230F (airbox baffle removed) and rejetted with the following specs which seem to be the popular choices: 132 main 45 pilot Powerup needle / middle clip 600 - 1000' 1.75 turns FS Starts much more easily than stock with only 1/2 choke but will not idle with choke off. Seems VERY lean with any throttle position off the pilot. I have tried exhaust baffle in and out with really no difference. Any thoughts ? Am I missing something. Bike ran fine prior to the rejet just stock super-lean.
  5. I uncorked my son's 230 and it starts easy with 1/2 choke but will not stay running with choke off. Definitely running lean both on the pilot and main. Am I missing something? I don't think I have seen anyone run anything richer than these jets. Here is currently what we have: 132 main 45 pilot PU needle in middle position air box baffle removed Pipe baffle tried both in and out 600 - 1000 ft elevation Any thoughts?
  6. funkydrum

    Best Trails in Cadillac Area??

    +1. Nice tight singletrack...
  7. funkydrum

    Evart, MICHIGAN - closed due to bad storm?

    I'll be out on 4th July. I hope the club gets the chance to clean things up...
  8. funkydrum

    Caberfae Trail Maintenance this weekend

    I am planning on being there. I'm plated and can do whatever you need. The bike is repaired and ready to roll...
  9. funkydrum

    Kid friendly trails in Michigan

    Try Long Lake, Missaukee Junction, maybe Tin Cup. Anything else near Baldwin is quite sandy.
  10. funkydrum

    evart michigan can use some info

    +1 Little Manistee and Tin Cup are cool for mixed groups (bikes & quads) as there is a 'sister' ORV Route trail that runs parallel to the single track. Quads can do the route and bikes can do the trail. If a bike gets tired of the singletrack they can hop over and ride the route. Nice option especially with kids...
  11. funkydrum

    Best Mirror for CRF 230F

    +1 on the Ken Sean mirrors. Baja Designs has them and they mount right to the clutch perch. MUCH more stable than the Acerbis ones and still folds out of the way.
  12. funkydrum

    Best hand gaurds/ Brushgaurds for 230

    I have used these on my son's 230 with great sucess. They make a nice plastic shield as an accessory too.
  13. funkydrum

    Buy a used or new CRF230F?

    I bought an '03 used last fall for my son and would concur... Super solid bike. Service the bike (fluids & Air Filter) and let it rip. If the bike has been sitting that long without a battery tender, I would spring for a new one too.
  14. funkydrum

    Evart Sat 8/12 @ 9:00am

    Just returned from a week in MI and rode Evart twice. What a great loop. Nice rocky climbs and my son must have spent 45 min in the Sugar Bowl.
  15. funkydrum

    Tomahawk Tuesday night? 8/15/06

    Just rode Loop C a week ago and had a GREAT time. My son was too tired to ride both that and the B loop or I would have ridden it too. What a great trail system. I wasn't too keen seeing it was wide enough for quads but it was so well groomed that it didn't seem to matter. Have fun !! Vacation is over and I'm back to work...