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  1. When I said junk I only meant the basket. Use stock plates/friction plates and springs.
  2. If your hard on your clutch then you may have grooved up the basket and/or the inner basket. If either are grooved they need to be replaced. Honda clutch baskets are junk and usually don't last too long. When you have the plates out just run your finger over the basket finders. If grooves are there it needs to be replace too.
  3. I will trade some really scary pictures of a motor that let go for a copy of a service manual on softcopy. I almost cried when I pulled the head off my race bike.
  4. I will trade some really scary pictures of a motor that let go for a copy of a service manual on softcopy. I almost cried when I pulled the head off my race bike.
  5. done that was fun!!!
  6. My parts just showed up!!! I am never shipping FedEx again Nice Parts
  7. got a rear rim I just took off. Pay the shipping and a few bucks and it is yours.
  8. Contact this guy and tell hiim Stoney sent ya. He will take the time to answer all your questions and to help you purchase what ever you need. Good guy. Good luck and let me know how it goes.... AZ-Syntheticlubes LLC 1511 E. Florence Blvd # 601 Casa Grande, AZ, 85222 _ Phone: 520-280-9282 Email: az-syntheticlubes@direcway.com_
  9. Don't even know what to think about that pic!
  10. Will always rides good! I thought that was you on the line. Slap me on the back of the helment next time! That race was a blast and I am looking forward to Thanksgiving week/weekend pending getting my rims done. 299 was parked right by us this weekend and I couldn't keep my dog out of his pits. He rode good this weekend to as well as the 44s that were parked over there.
  11. Or in on solid piece. Broke my front rim this past weekend at Cycleranch. Soooooooooooo...... I am looking for some direction on where to go for a set of rims and spokes. I would like to know where to send the hubs and buy the new rims and spokes. I am looking for some pricing and turn around times if anyone has a good experiece somewhere. Thanks in advance for the feedback - Stoney
  12. No pics of Howerton or Rowdy throwing dirt all over me??? :cry:
  13. burn off is normal. probably some manufacturer oil. I would suggest putting a quick air adjust screw in the card. I tweak mine everytime I ride. This takes the bog and pop out for me. Also I have a slight leak around the header and tail pipe but never worried about it much. Don't know that that helps much but man that pipe is nice isn't it.
  14. Ever had one of those days when......I don't know what I was thinking when I posted this. Try Cole Train (coletrain@fasstco.com) Sorry about that :cry:
  15. I agree those are a total waste of money. But since Storm Cycles was nice enough to laser etch my initial on them for me, I had to get a set on my bike too. You may have been screwed if they didn't custom etch your initial on them. I think they had an over run on them for me so they are selling them to the public. Just kidding, hope you enjoy them. I did find they are a slight pain to get the pipe side off if you have a header on the bike. I now use a pair of pliers and a doubled up shop rag to keep from scratching them up. Enjoy.