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    Death at idle

    yes i have the stock valve's... and the auto clutch might be the problem... it seems like when i put the highout put stator on is when the problems started... it is from baja designs for use with trail tech fly wheel weight.. is there a chance i am loosing power from that?? I am going to check the valves has soon as possible.. any more info??

    Death at idle

    I have an 03 crf 450 my problem is.. during enduro's and hairscambles the engine seems to die when idle is reached.. i have a revloc so it shouldn't do that right?? yesterday running the cherokee national and stalls like 25 times... when your dealing with min's that is alot...Is it maybe my auto decompresion needs adjusting??? jetting ??? valves??? I am not sure... Please help.. this is killing me.. daniel

    Aftermarket rims

    I would go with aftermarket spokes.. Not a whole lot more money and much better.. i have excel spokes with spline drive nipples.. As far as rim color go.. Black wears off fast it seems like.. 3 enduro's and edge is already silver.. Gold might not show up as bad..

    More new graphics - make your CRF a retro Elsinore

    Not much of a savings if you know how much they cost.. He is still makin a killing at that price.. If everyone was only a dealer.. lol..

    Just got my new Gaerne SG10's

    Just got my new boots in.. Looks like they were worth the wait.. they just look cool.. Realy easy to get into.. outer plastic fold's down... I got the red and white... Havn't got a ride on them yet.. I just talked to the alpine rep and they should have some new tech 8's out soon.. Said they have changed them to be alot more durable.. So there should be a big price drop in the older one's soon.. But I heard only good things about Gaerne boots so figured I would try them.. He had no details on tech 10's either.. so probaly going to be a while..

    More new graphics - make your CRF a retro Elsinore

    Just put some on backorder.. he said they are going to go fast.. 265 retail.. But you get all new plastic,seat cover and graphics.. not a bad deal.. 2nd week in march supposed to ship..


    Heard honda is going to offer a cooling fan for the x model.. look behind the radiator.. and you will see 4 little tabs... that is were it will go.. and hook right into your wiring harness.. Honda just didn't get it out in time i guess.. make it a truely cool maching.. no idea on a date though.. soon i hope....

    Death at idle

    I have a vrf 450, and it seems like i can't get the fuel mixture screw right.. like I am on the throttle it is fine.. but if i bog it down below a certain rpm it just shut's down.. I bought a fuel mixture screw and havn't realy been able to get it adjust correctly for some reason.. atleast that is what seems to be the problem.. and it seems like it is very hard to start after hot.. and will not start even with hot start button,, till about the 3 kick.. i ride in the woods.. and never had this problem before i install the mixture screw...i turned it to as close to stock i thought.. please help.. is it running to lean.. need to be turned in or out.. it just dies when i bring it down to idle, or but some times it idles fine.. i am lost please help.. thanks


    This is a closed course kit.. But that is why i said replace the exhaust with after market.. fmf Q.. Who buys a bike and doesn't modify it at all... eventually you are going to want a little better performance.. and just giving you the list and how to do it .. enjoy guys.


    Power up kit for 250x Replace camshaft with crf250r 14100-KRN-670 Replace header pipe with R's model 18320-KRN-000 Gaskets 18291-MM5-860 18392-MK4-000 Better off just get a aftermarket one !!! Replace the carb parts with Main jet 152 99101-357-1520 Needle Set Jet 16204-MEN-671 Jet Leak #70 (Accel pump bleed) 99108-krn-0700 Set the pilot screw at two and three quarter turns.. Remove the diffuser pipe from the exhaust Increase the air box opening By removing snorkel.. cutting airbox.. Behind the left side cover there is a natural color main coupler.. On the ecu side of this natural coupler there is a pink wire. Underneath the pink wire is a blank terminal plugged with a rubber cap.. reconect the coupler to the wiring harness(in modified form, the pink wire is unconnenected to any other wire... Now all you have to do is wait a few more hours to a few more days to get your X's in... Getting our's on thursday.. Finaly a woods bike worth having from honda..

    fasst spoke wrench

    Excel is coming out with one also.. not sure if it is going to be just for the spline drive nipple or not.. I am probaly going to give it a try.. I think they are going to release them in about a month..

    Trail tech computer

    i have one with a scott's.. i just mounted it to the handle bar with some zip tie's.. worked out pretty good... pretty cool set up..


    You can purchase it through any White Brother's dealer.. I just saw it in the catalog.. So dont know the quality of it or how it holds up.. I put the 04 fender on mine.. Not a whole lot of color can't even tell inless you hold them up to eachother.. Shape looks alot cooler..

    Sitting on show room..

    Sorry I didn't make it clear.. We are a honda dealership.. We just got ours in.. I would say price wise.. the first batch around retail.. But it shouldn't be hard to get one for 5900 if you realy jew them down..

    Honda Sitting on show room..

    Just got our 450 in man is it sweet.. All you have to do is go get your's..