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  1. paulyray

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    here is mine.
  2. paulyray

    seat for DR400

    here you go. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=372016
  3. paulyray

    Got my Tech 8's

    put on the inner boots first. slip foot into outer boot. the straps adjust by pulling them out. you can make them as tight or loose as needed. velcro the top of the boot to hold it in place while adjusting the straps. wear them a bit and shifting will get easier. hope this helps. congrats on the purchase.
  4. paulyray

    DRZ400SM: CO to CA

    They won't let you register it until it has 7500 miles on it. You might slip through. Most of the dmv staff doesn't know what the hell they are doing. I hope you have better luck there than I did. California dmv was a freakin' nightmare for me when I moved here. Good luck.
  5. mine is yellow and blue
  6. paulyray

    Hand guards w/Big DR Risers

    I have the big DR risers and the acerbis rally pro handguards. They touch the back of the headlight plastic but it still works fine. Hope this helps.
  7. paulyray

    another Schwantz DRZ

    I like the dual pipe bike better, but that one is also very nice.
  8. paulyray

    Graphics, Finally!

    keep us posted how they hold up. I would like a set!
  9. paulyray

    BARS Fat VS Standard

    standard= 7/8" fat= 1-1/8"
  10. paulyray

    California Roll Call

  11. paulyray

    Suzuki- Off Road Graphics update.

    lookin good! let us know when they are ready.
  12. paulyray

    Suzuki- Off Road Graphics update.

  13. paulyray

    Post your street rides

  14. paulyray

    DRZ 400E Cali. green sticker or not?

    I believe that a 49 state DRZ400E that is 2003 or newer is red sticker. A 49 state DRZ400E that is 2002 or older is green sticker. A california E model is green but it has an S model engine and carb.(lower compression and a mikuni carb) This is my understanding.
  15. paulyray

    cali DMV, green/red sticker woes

    On my 5th trip to the cali DMV I have finally recieved my green sticker! It still amazes me how little the clerks at the DMV know about the rules of thier job. I went today and described the problem I was having and the clerk (very nice woman) told me the reason I got a red sticker instead of the green was because they change the color every year. I politely explained that due to the fact my bike was a 2001 I should recieve a green sticker. She went and took all my paperwork to a superior who indeed told her to issue a green. Thanks for all the advise. It just took alot of patience and persistance.