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    TTR125LE Hard to Start?

    This works well on all my four strokes for cold starts-choke, kick over 4-10 times with the stop switch engaged, then kick a time or two with. Same goes with e-starts-choke, turn over about 5 secs with the stop switch engaged, then wait a few seconds and hit the starter. My wifes TTR-125 started alot easier with the 17.7 pilot jet also. My bike '03 WR-450F
  2. jonl

    whats the deal with hard starting?

    This is what works for my WR-450: Cold start-electric: Choke,no throttle, turn it over for abourt 3-5 seconds with the stop botton engaged. Next try starting it with the botton disengaged. If it backfires, or won't start, repeat the first step. Mine usually starts the second try. I usually kick start for the first cold start: Choke on, no throttle, stop switch engaged, kick over 5-10 times gently, then give it 1-3 good kicks with the off botton disengaged. It usually starts easily. If not repeat the first step. Four strokes need to be slightly wet with fuel for an easy cold start. My XR-400 had a similar routine-Choke, full throttle, stop switch engaged, kick over 5-10 time gently, one good kick at top-dead center usually fired it up with the off switch disengaged.
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    I updated my 02 XR-400 for a 03 WR-450. Have been very pleased with the bike and the dealer so far. My bike has ran great from the start. Adjusted the valves after 50 miles, and they were very close at that time. If you guys are having carb problems, I would suggest checking you clearence before you start jetting changes. I had my deaer check my flywheel. It was fine. My bike was just over the serial that Yamaha made the fix for. As far as comparing the XR-400 to the WR-450- I liked my Honda and had a great dealer. It was relieable, easy to maintain, but uncomfortable after 50 miles of trails. The engine, seat, and suspension for the WR are a major upgrade. My engine has been flawless, and I have been surprized at how well it runs in the low RPMs. The bike is definitely more technical to maintain but doable. As far as the kick starter issue goes, I think Yamaha owes it to all 03 owners to come up with a relieabe fix (at thir cost) when you look at what we invested. Up to now, mine has run well with no kick-back problems. I think that is due to good jetting as delivered and proper valve clearences. My grey wire has not beern cut yet. It would be interesting to see if the grey wire mods (advanced timing) has contributed to the flywheel/starter problems. I have been very careful to avoid any throttle during starts. I will say that I am nervious about shutting my bike off and restarting with the E-starter 20 miles from the truck while alone. I think I will kick start until this problem is resolved. I do plan on writting a letter to Yamaha this week. (Are you listening Yamaha? This is my second bike I bought this year from you this year.) Every bike has it's quirks, but I expect the manufacturer to stand by its product if they want my future support and investments.