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  1. How short is to short? I know this is all calculated with motor build, sound/pulse waves yada yada yada. I really would love to run something like this look due to the fact that it would tuck in nice and tight on my custom build and appealing (to my eye). Pros and cons of this type? Torque loss? Thanks for the help folks
  2. looking to switch from a vm28 flatslide to a pwk28 due to the fact we have worn out our second slide in the vm. As soon as any of the coating on the slide gets worn we get an off idle throttle hang. My question is mainly regarding what jetting will get us in the ball park on a pwk28 for a majorly hopped up crf150f (223cc) Sorry if this has been a beaten up thread. I would love to run the fcr28 pumper but $$$$
  3. Rustybits

    Octane Ratings: higher = better performance, right?

    Thanks for the awesome article! I may be beating a dead horse but it seems like everyone has a different opinion for avgas in bikes. "Factors are carbs vs. fuel injection, long vs. short intake tracts, high vs. low RPM operation, and steady state vs. non-steady state operation (like boats and airplanes vs. dirt bikes). Race fuels come in such diverse varieties for this reason." Anyone (Grayracer) care to comment and help me put it to rest or have the ability to argue better? LOL
  4. Does anyone have jetting specs for this? Im at 1200 feet in AZ. Thank you!
  5. Rustybits

    08 vs 06 yz450 trees

    Thanks grayracer, basically I have my 06 forks on my 08 yz450, the thing that is different is the axle, If I try using the 08 axle with the 06 forks it to short, i am assuming it's because the fork lugs themselves set more inboard on the 08 forks???. Other then that the outer fork diameters at the clamps have not changed from 06 to 08 have they?
  6. Rustybits

    08 vs 06 yz450 trees

    Does anyone know if the fork trees are the same or is the spacing different? I think the forks are the same but not sure about the 08 axle.
  7. Hi, anyone know who makes aluminum frame guards for an 08 YZ450, don't really want carbon but i'm open to suggestions.
  8. Dr. D. only sells the full exhaust for the 08 YZ450 but they sell the slip-on muffler for the WR450. Has anyone tried using just the slip-on muffler for the WR on the YZ with stock header? Does it fit?
  9. Rustybits


    Historically from my own previous bikes and from what I have read Yamaha's tend to be pretty bullet proof in regards to valves. If it was sucking dirt and my center intake is on the way out I'm really hoping to get away with just replacing it. Did you have good luck with the rest of your valves on your 06 staying in spec after re-doing the center intake? As I mentioned my right and left were at .09mm which is not terrible but they were on the tight side. Thanks for the info grayracer.
  10. Rustybits


    Thanks grayracer, the mechanic that checked them advised on doing them all if it moved again. are there any downsides to doing just the center if needed? I think the guy that sold it to me knew something was coming and got out while the getting was good. I'm just having trouble believing it on such a low hour bike.
  11. Rustybits


    Had the valves checked on my 08 yz450. Spec is .10-.15mm for intake and .20-.25mm for exhaust. Mine was .09 left, .04 center, and .09 right. Exhaust was in spec. Bike is supposedly low hour and looks it (20ish hours) according to previous owner. My question is why the .04mm center intake? Am I looking at a valve job? I just got the thing and Im worried about putting time on it in fear I'll be out of spec in no time.. Intakes are now set at .12mm
  12. Rustybits

    Help with gear ratios

    Can you pm me, have a question for you
  13. Rustybits

    Help with gear ratios

    Can anyone give me the transmission ratios and primary reduction ratios for a 2008 YZ450 Thanks!
  14. Rustybits

    yz450 06 to 09 forks

    Does anyone know if the 06 yz450 forks will bolt straight up to an 09 yz450? Same size clamps axle size and width etc? Thanks
  15. Rustybits

    Graphics in AZ

    Emailed and left messages for Phit but no reply yet?