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  1. handmastaflash

    What slip-on should I get ?

    Thanks for the input I looked at both two bros and akropovic two bros didn't have anything for my year bike but akro did and there's looked really nice just have to get a price and then I'll make my decision.
  2. handmastaflash

    What slip-on should I get ?

    I have an 06 RMZ 250 with currently stock exhaust and I'm looking at getting a new muffler just want to find out what you guys think is the best one keep in mind I need to keep it 96db or quieter seeing as I do trail riding and I also ice ride and sound complaints are big issues for me. I have been looking at either the FMF powercore 4 or the Q4 tell me what you think?
  3. handmastaflash

    06 RMZ 250

    Supposedly they have weak trannys compared to other makes I have an 06 I have owned it for 3 years now and havent had a problem with it yet. Also they tend to overheat but but only if you trail ride is where I have ran into problems but only once and it was like 90 that day and I was on a super tight trail. Mine has problems starting after I crash but this seems to be a problem with any early 4 stroke. Otherwise a very solid bike.
  4. handmastaflash

    06 rmz250 engine tapping

    Do not remove that piece in the middle of the cam thats your auto decompression mechanism it helps four strokes start. As for the ticking I would make sure your valve clearance is correct to start with.
  5. handmastaflash

    04 RMZ250 Leaking oil from crankcase tube

    Did you over fill it because I have an 06 250 and it does the same thing when I over fill it. Make sure when you check the oil level the bike is on its wheels on level ground not on the stand. If you check it on the stand oil should barely be in the sight glass.
  6. handmastaflash

    What is the best mod ?

    I have an 2006 RM-Z 250 looking for more power from the motor what is the best bang for my buck exhaust, big bore, high comp piston, cams, I'm just trying to see what has worked good for everybody else with 04-06 bike. Just looking for ideas on what to do.
  7. handmastaflash

    Rims interchangeable.

    Do 2 stroke RM rims fit 4 stroke RMZs I'm asking cause I have an 06 RMZ with a cracked rear rim.
  8. handmastaflash

    Rear shock leaking

    im just going to change the o-ring and take it in to get the nitogen charged.
  9. handmastaflash

    Rear shock leaking

    im trying to save money so i dont have to pay a suspension guy over a $100 just to fix a leaking shock when the part only costs $5 if thats all there is to it.
  10. handmastaflash

    Rear shock leaking

    I have an 06 rmz 250 the rear shock is leaking can I get away with just changing the o-ring on the seal head or do I have to replace the whole seal head ? Reason I'm asking is because the whole seal head is $67 and the o-ring is just $5.
  11. handmastaflash

    Countershaft seal leaking

    ok thanks
  12. handmastaflash

    Countershaft seal leaking

    I have an 06 rmz 250 I see there is two o-rings and a seal do I want to change both ?