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  1. I have the opportunity to buy a nice CRF150F with a Baja Designs headlight/Taillight kit on it. I'm just curious whether any of you think that having the enduro kit on there would be appealing. Do folks dual sport these things much? Would the bike be worth more in stock form? Any info you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
  2. JDrooster

    Son's Bike Stolen

    Thanks alot for all of your help. Still haven't tracked it down. I did get my bush hog sold so I have a decent start on replacing it. I have $600 and it seems like it's around $1000 to 1200 for a decent one. Thanks again for your concern and help.
  3. JDrooster

    Son's Bike Stolen

    Been watching like a hawk..also searching for a replacement..anyone want to buy a 4' new holland bush hog? If so let me know. Getting funds for the replacement.
  4. JDrooster

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    Yeah..plan to before spring. Have to get the boy a new bike first.
  5. JDrooster

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    Here's my 05 E. Finally getting things dialed in. Wife ordered me a new Moose Skid plate that should be in next week. Love the WB slip on I bought from 150ron.
  6. JDrooster

    TPS Question

    I was reading some old threads trying to find some info regarding the TPS on my 05 E's FCR. No real reason for doing it other than being curious about how it works. I found some info saying it's only there to help reduce emissions at idle? Is there any advantage to leaving it as opposed to removing it? If it's something that can cause issue down the road if it fails, I'd rather remove it now, that way if I have issues it's one less thing to eliminate as a problem. I definitely don't want to make a change to the detriment of performance or the environment though. Any info you can provide regarding the TPS would be appreciated. Thanks. -Jerry
  7. JDrooster

    Son's Bike Stolen

    Thanks so much for all of your ideas, concerns and help. I've attached a picture of his bike (mines in it too). Along with that, if any of you know of a mega deal on a drz, klx or ttr110 please let me know. Thanks. -Jerry
  8. JDrooster

    Son's Bike Stolen

    Someone listed a 2008 drz110 on the counties for sale facebook page. I missed it by minutes. When a text was sent asking if it had the number 15 on it..the replies stopped. Funny thing is, Suzuki didn't make a drz110 in 08. I have a name but the bike is gone. No hard evidence for the police to pursue further. Bummer. Thanks for all of the help guys. Luckily I still have the title and it's in the stolen bike registry. Merry Christmas everyone
  9. Hey Guys, I'm not sure if this is the correct forum for this so moderators please forgive me if it's not. This is the forum I spend my time in so I'm starting here. Yesterday morning someone decided that the needed my sons DRZ110 more than he did. We live on about 4 acres and the house is 300 ft from the road. I opened the garage door and started my truck to let it warm up. While back in the house the bike disappeared. They took the DRZ and 2 youth helmets. They didn't touch my 400 or my younger sons ltz50 quad. The bike is a stock 04 DRZ 110 with number 15 numberplate backgrounds (he's a dean wilson fan). I know it's a longshot, but thought I'd try. Thanks all, and Merry Christmas! -Jerry
  10. JDrooster

    Won't start

    If it's an s then doesn't it have a kickstand safety switch too? If so try bypassing that as well.
  11. JDrooster

    MRD/SSW installation (pics)

    Awesome! I got your old WB slip on mounted on my E last night. Couldn't start it though, I did the work after momma and the boys were in bed. Went well other than realizing the fact that thewhen the PO laid the bike over on a wheelie-gone-wrong, it bent the maount tab on the sub frame more than I thought. We'll get that tweaked in over the weekend. Congrats on the MRD and thanks for the hook-up on the White Bros, Ron..Looks great!
  12. JDrooster

    Won't start

    What model..e, s or sm?
  13. JDrooster

    Zeta skidplate

    Will the Zeta skidplate for the s and sm fit the E as well? I found a good deal and don't want to pass it up if it'll work. Thanks
  14. I've been eyeballing these graphics for awhile now on ebay. Thanks for showing me an installed view! I think I'll order a set!
  15. JDrooster

    Low gel seat for 2005 DRZ400E?

    The stock seat is hard as a board in my opinion. The gel seat is much more comfy.