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  1. It is a good book with trouble shooting included. It gives you a good idea of what is happening in your stuff and how to service it.... It does not give you what many hours of testing will as far as valving goes.... I would say it is worth it.
  2. mud42

    Wide footpegs for vintage Husky's?

    They are here: http://www.huskyjunk.com/ims-foot-pegs.htm
  3. PM me, I'll get those parts out to you.
  4. There has been alot of talk about turning a R into an off-roader. Unfortunately it pretty much died when the X came out. My 02' had: 11 oz fly wheel 53 tooth rear sprocket FMF Q FMF power bomb A few other things I now forget. The search function seems to only go back so far...... So that is kind of lost. The one thing I did to my forks was swap out the top valving (I forget what it is called), the stuff under the top cap. With one from a CR250. It helped soften it up a little. Want them? I'll send them to you for shipping. It will give you something to play with.
  5. mud42

    Husky cross country models

    Cool! Thanks! YUP! I want one!!!!!!
  6. Hi All, Any one have the lo-down on these other than what's on the site? I find my self drawn to the 250.
  7. mud42

    Water wetter/Engine ice

    You may be thinking of Deionized water. It is the unfriendly one. Due to its state (not ionized) it tends to be a RAPID oxidizer. Distilled is just purified water. For those of you who do not know. Water wetter is not antifreeze. If you leave it in when it gets cold, it will freeze. If you don't get that cold, all is good. Just incase you did not know.
  8. Other than valving and springs, are the forks and the shock the same on the YZ and WR? R vs X on the Hondas, they have different wall thicknesses.
  9. The 400 has a smoother power delivery and revs out nicely once the power gets going, the 450 has a stronger mid range. I think the 400 is easier to ride, it seams less tiring. I don't know if it is how the power comes on or what. Some people say the 400 is easier to throw around in the tight stuff, honestly, it has been so long since I have ridden truely tight trails I can't really say. I really like my 400 for SLIPPERY conditions, the 450 is harder to handle in the slippery stuff due to the stronger power delivery. 450's will loft the front end easier, you just have to clutch the 400 a little to get it up. Other than that the bikes are the same, electric start 6 speed trans.... I LOVE my 400, it is the perfect bike for me. I tend to ride technically nasty trails with alot of creek beds and log crossings. My other bike is a trials bike, so you get the idea.
  10. mud42

    Turning 450R into an X

    Hello, Do a search, there is quite a bit of info from the pre-X days. I think woods setup, brings up some. Here is what I run, I ride TIGHT single track, and it still tires me out. My KTM is much easier to ride a HS with. It is an 02' Suspension mods FMF Q FMF Powerbomb header 53 or 52 tooth rear sprocket (not going to win any top speed awards) appropriate guards 11oz fly wheel I think that's about it. Like I said, it tires me out. It is kind of for sale, since I ride my EXC more.
  11. mud42

    I'll admit it...

    I did the same thing (kind of). I KNEW they were different sizes, but I was in a hurry. I switched the two without noticing it, and tried to put the left side on the right side. I ended up ripping the flange off the grip . I now make SURE I have the right one.
  12. mud42

    how about this peg

    I sharpened mine once as well. Seems like the only time I hit my shins on them is when I was moving the bike around with shorts on.
  13. mud42

    Duluth MN......Looking for 2 things

    Hi All, I don't know if anyone mentioned it yet, but, what about Gilbert, it is an OHV park. I think it's less than an hour from Duluth. Looky here: DNR Gilbert page Hi Heath, I'm the guy you rode with down in Faribault. Did you make it to the Thielman trail (not trial) ride? IT WAS AWESOME!
  14. mud42

    Were can I find a used trials bike in Michigan

    Hi all, Try this one, we have used member bikes; UMTA My only REAL suggestions are to try them out before you buy it, and talk to owners, they will give you a good idea of each of the manufacturers "traits".
  15. mud42

    New 4-stroke Honda trials bike unveilled!

    I have heard it will be similar to the current bike (the montesa), roughly an MSRP of $6200.