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    wheel / hub problems

    I did some searching, and found that from 98 - 99, they changed axle diameters, so I think his wheel is really a 98 and not a 99. (anyone know if they went to a bigger axle in 99 or smaller?) So if I can't get it to work hopefully I can get my money back since it was advertized as comming off a 99 yz400f, and it probably came off a 98 wr400f.
  2. Hi, I'm new to thumper talk - just got a YZ400F a few weeks ago. I picked up a new wheel from ebay... I plan to ride in the sand a lot, so I don't want to have keep switching tires from my paddle to my dirt tire, so I picked up a complete wheel. The add said it was pulled off a 99 YZ400F, so I didn't think much of it, I figured it fit without any problem. The problem -- My axle doesn't fit through the ebay wheel. My axle is to thick to fit. I also noticed it's a 18 inch wheel, and not 19. So I'm starting to doubt that it's really from a YZ400F, and I think it's probably from a WR400. Will I be able to repack the barrings, and replace the collars and make a bigger opening for my axel? Or am I screwed? Here's pictures -- The left one is off the ebay wheel, the right one is from my stock wheel. My stock hub. The ebay hub. Please let me know if I need to demand a refund on this wheel, or what it'll take to make it work. Thanks -Josh