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  1. Nice video. Really makes me miss SA. Need to get back down there sometime....Keep sharing the rides.
  2. XR500R

    New to 2-strokes, Got a Question

    Thanks for the responses guys! I know I don't use my clutch enough to stay on the pipe the way I want to but seat time will help that. I wanted to make sure I wasn't oil starving it if I used the compression braking of the engine. I know on long decel's to pull it in but was worried it might be all decel's. I've got some work to do. Thanks again for the help, great bunch of guys on here!
  3. Little background first. Grew up riding an XR250R. After school I wanted to start riding again and found an old XR500R. Bitch to start but was a blast to ride. Sold that when I moved up north and started riding street bikes. When I came back down south I picked up an '02 (or '03, can't remember) CRF450R. Wow, that was different. Loved having a tight & nimble chassis with real suspension compared to my old bikes. Power was dramatically different too. But in the woods I was always wrestling with it. Saw a guy on craigslist looking to trade his '01 YZ250 for a 450 thumper. I thought what the hell. I've always been curious about 2-strokes so I got in touch with him and made a deal. Bike is in great shape aside from the water pump seal going out the other day. I love the thing in the woods and am falling in love with the characteristics of the power delivery. Here's my dilemma. I don't ride with any else who has a 2-stoke so I have no one to 'mentor' me in the proper way to ride the thing. I know I shouldn't use the engine for braking on descents. That's right isn't it? But should I be pulling the clutch anytime I'm off the throttle. I watched the video in the post below and he is pulling the clutch anytime he's off the throttle. In my opinion the guy looks pretty darn good. Is he doing that b/c he's good? Is it just the way some guys ride? Or is this the way anyone riding a smoker should be riding? Any advice will be appreciated. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1025626
  4. XR500R

    YZ125 cutting out problem

    I had a problem with one of my street bikes that it would drop one of the cylinders over a certain RPM. Drop below that RPM and it would be fine. Ended up being the coil for that cylinder. Don't know if that's your issue but maybe?
  5. XR500R

    Cornerspin bikes stolen in NC

    Aaron, This is awful! I did Cornerspin last year and it was invaluable to both my road racing and dirt riding. I will keep my eyes & ears open and will let you know if I get wiff of anything.
  6. Also compare the gearing between them.
  7. XR500R

    My 230F will not speed shift

    What kind of oil are you using? I've had trannys in some bikes not like certain oils and shift hard.
  8. XR500R

    Front Brake Rubbing

    You've probably got a build up of crud on the the caliper piston which is not allowing the piston to retract as much as normal. Pull them out and clean them. I use brake cleaner on mine but make sure you rinse them well before reinserting them as the brake cleaner can deteriorate the seals. Speaking of, inspect the seals once the pistons are removed as they may need to be replaced too if the are damaged or brittle.
  9. XR500R


    I'll tell you what I know but it isn't much. The '83 and '84 XR 500R's are the grand-daddy's of the XR 600R. Some parts from the '85-current 600's will fit the old 500's. It varies by years. Bikebandit.com can supply you with a lot of the parts that you will likely need. And Dennis Kirk as a surprising amount of replacement parts for it. As I recall they carry the SuperTrapp exhaust for it. The best thing is to get a service manual and if you can find it, a parts manual with the Honda part numbers. Part numbers will help more then anything when looking for a part. Also check eBay. I'm suprized what pops up on it from time to time. I hope this helps and good luck with it.
  10. XR500R

    EXC vs. MXC

    Hey guys, though a new bike is still a pipe dream for me I have been looking around and I don't think I fully understand what the difference is between KTM's EXC's and MXC's. The only thing I can tell is that the EXC's have a headlight and taillight. There has got to be more to it then that! Sorry for not having a question anymore indepth than this but I will appreciate any feedback. Later guys...
  11. XR500R

    CRF150 Seat Height

    He'll be fine. My fiance is 5'7" and can put both feet down on her 230. Your son at 5'5" will have no problems with the 150. He might be a little wobbaly at first but by the time you lower the bike he'll be ready for it at stock height.
  12. XR500R

    XR100 vs. CRF150

    I got my fiance a 230F. She's 5'7", 120lbs, is a true beginner and loves it. The combination of the short suspension (she can put both her feet down on level ground) and the e-start make it a great beginner bike that she can feel comfortable on. The fact that everytime she stalls she doesn't have to worry about kicking it makes her feel more at ease. Plus she will be able to grow into it (skill wise) and ride it for years. I would consider it if I were you. Plus if your bike breaks down like my old heap does from time to time you can take out the 230F and ride it!
  13. XR500R

    close ratio transmission?

    I may be mistaken but 250's have always had 6-speeds in them and the gears are already pretty close. Why do you want them closer. You can play with the final drive gearing. Go down on the front or up on the back and the gears will seem closer but you'll lose some speed up top.
  14. XR500R

    XR 650 with inverted forks

    I've got a bike with leaky conventional forks...but then again it is 20 years old
  15. XR500R

    Do you clutch between gears?

    If you up shift correctly you will not harm your transmission. Because it's a sequential transmission and it doesn't have to go into neutral between each gear there is next to no way you can damage it. With that being said if you do not do it correctly (and multiple times) something will give. But when downshifting I would recommend at least make an effort at using the clutch or the shock through the transmission and the rest of the drivetrain will eventually wreak (sp?) havoc on your wallet. One last thing, the bike I learned to ride on was an old and tired XL 125. The clutch and brake cables were broken. The rear brake was just there for cosmetics. You'd fire it up in neutral...begin to roll it forward...then drop it into first...want to slow down faster then the engine braking?...then just slam it down a couple of gears and listen to it scream!!! Last I heard that thing ran until some idiot put a hole in the case and kept trying to ride it without any oil! Anyway, just a testiment to Honda trannies...Sorry about the long post.