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  1. snb73

    Cops and dual sport riding?

    As a general rulle, Don't be an ass to a cop and they won't be an ass to you.
  2. snb73

    Best $2-300 boots?

    Honestly, if I had $200 to spend on boots, I would cruise Craigslist. I'd rather buy used SG-12's than new low end boots. Here is just one example of a quick search.
  3. snb73

    What gear do I need?

    Everyone is correct, there are alot of little things to add to your "track kit". Buy the best gear you can afford, dont skimp on boots or a helmet. A $10 closeout jersey and a $50 2019 jersey are pretty much the same minus the design. Helmet, goggles, gloves and boots are imperative, along with long pants and a long shirt. Jersey and pants are great, they keep you cool/warm, semi protected and help grip the bike and keep you from sliding off of the seat. For helmets or for any gear, check closeouts from the major websites. You can find some great savings 50%-75% if you dont need the latest and greatest. Dont forget to check craigs list for gear. I bought my son and daughter $200 mid range boots for $50 each. They were still in the box and looked brand new. Just remember, good quality lasts. My Gearne SG-10's are worn but still servicable after 10 years. Be smart, be safe and have fun.
  4. snb73

    Trail boots? Wide feet

    X3 for Gaerne, I'm a 12 EEE. They also fit big calves.
  5. I am 50 years old now and bought my first bike, 1973 XR75, at 11 years old. The one thing I can tell you is this; everytime I have been hurt was in a slow speed crash or when not wearing the proper gear. I have Gearne SG-10 boots and have had them for over 10 years. Good quality lasts and will save you in the long run. Think of it like this, when you're on the couch with a sprained or broke ankle, ask yourself if you should have bought better boots. I found a pair of Fox Forma Pro's for my son on craigs list. $50 for size 6. A high quality, lightly used equipment is better than new low-end stuff.
  6. Primary Drive X-Ring, front and steel rear.
  7. If you are referring to the RAM Pro Master City, this is the size of the Ford Transit, they have reliability issues. Full disclosure, the newest is 2015. Dodge may have fixed these issues. I have a service fleet of 9 Pro Master Cities, FWD, 4 cyl, 9 spd. We run these trucks 8-10 hours a day during the work week. Here are the issues we see; Transmission module - mounted low on the outside of the transmission. when it goes bad, it feels like someone hitting the rear bumper with a sledge hammer. Fan switch - electric fan only, if the switch goes bad you will overheat (back ordered nationwide, I have one truck waiting at the dealer for 6 months) Low Oil shut off - If you are low on oil the engine wont start, good idea but...if you run low while driving then shut off, you can't restart. Solved by keeping 2 qts in the truck. Cabin is very odd shaped like a "V". Foot well is very narrow and arm rest area is very wide.
  8. snb73

    All balls front wheel bearings.

    I have used them alot for all my bearings and bushings. Just use a good waterproof grease. I like Green Grease, that stuff is awsome, works great and lasts. https://www.greengrease.net
  9. I strongly suggest buying a pressure washer, they make cleaning a bike so much easier. I used to wash my bike by hand with a bucket and brushes, took me about an hour. Hose and scrape the mud off, scrub wih a soapy rag......and repeat. I bought a Karcher electric pressure washer for $120 at a big box store. I know there are some drawbacks to the electric ones, (lack of portability, short hose, lower pressure) but it works for me. Now I just spray of the mud, spray 50/simple green, let sit for 5-10 minutes and spray off. I'm done in 15-20 minutes. Now I have a 5 gallon bucket of brushes I don't use. Stay away from harsh cleaners like Purple Power. It dulls the plastics, makes raw alumimum look chalky and kills the grass. Simple Green is biodegradable, so I can water the lawn while washing my bike.
  10. My wife, girlfriend at the time, started on a 1972 CT70. It was a 4 speed with a clutch. She thought it was a toy until she popped the clutch and rode a wheelie into a tree. Moved to a 1986 XR100, then a 2003 RM100, man that bike was fast. After some time off to raise our daughter (9) and son (8), we all ride now. She currently rides a 2007 KX250F. At 5'6", she uses starting blocks to get going.
  11. We the same knuckleheads here in D.C. Thry drove down the streets in the National Harbor. https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/public-safety/dozens-of-illegal-dirtbikes-atvs-choke-the-streets-of-national-harbor/2017/06/26/0174b718-5aa9-11e7-9fc6-c7ef4bc58d13_story.html They go to tracks like Budds Creek and search for unattended bikes to steal.
  12. snb73

    What is this footpeg?

    Found em, "anklesavers.com"
  13. Was watching some Arena Cross and they did a short piece on Gared Steinke. They zoomed in on his bike and showed his footpeg. It has an added platform to the rear of the "normal peg" position. Is this to keep body/foot position or to get weight farther back? Thanks, Steve.
  14. snb73

    18" front wheel vs. 21" front wheel.

    Introduced in 1979, the twin-shock Honda XR 500 was the first "XR" model. The engine was a four-stroke, four-valve OHC, 497 cc (30.3 cu in) Pentroof engine. The bike had a conventional 18" rear wheel but an unusual 23" front wheel which was supposed to be better for riding over potholes and ruts. The 23" size proved unpopular and did not catch on as the wheel/tyre assembly was heavy, and there was little choice of replacement 23" tyres.
  15. Clean/scrape off loose rust. Use a rust converter then top coat with a good "implement" paint. There are many brands, here are two examples;