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  1. Found em, ""
  2. Was watching some Arena Cross and they did a short piece on Gared Steinke. They zoomed in on his bike and showed his footpeg. It has an added platform to the rear of the "normal peg" position. Is this to keep body/foot position or to get weight farther back? Thanks, Steve.
  3. Introduced in 1979, the twin-shock Honda XR 500 was the first "XR" model. The engine was a four-stroke, four-valve OHC, 497 cc (30.3 cu in) Pentroof engine. The bike had a conventional 18" rear wheel but an unusual 23" front wheel which was supposed to be better for riding over potholes and ruts. The 23" size proved unpopular and did not catch on as the wheel/tyre assembly was heavy, and there was little choice of replacement 23" tyres.
  4. Clean/scrape off loose rust. Use a rust converter then top coat with a good "implement" paint. There are many brands, here are two examples;
  5. What about a bed extender, would that work for you?
  6. My error, I picked 1991 not 2001. That exhaust mount is pretty standard. My bike came with a PC "Works Pipe". Its a pain to keep clean. I scub with a SOS pad everywash, wipe dry, then spray with WD40 or simular. Keeps it looking good.
  7. Holy SOS pad Batman!!!!! But seriously, you can find that exhaust mount almost anywhere. #11, $16.95
  8. I'd steer you to a CRF70, 3 speed auto, no e-start. My daughter is 9 and small at 65 lbs. Last year she was too big for her CRF50. The 70 will last a year or two. The new 110's and 140's are too big.
  9. Love it!!! Just use a 1/4 - 20 bolt or screw. The thread pitch difference should create enough friction for a good hold. Use some lube on the threads do you dont snap off the bolt. [emoji106]
  10. I love when the top 4 riders are within a few seconds of each other and fifth place is on the move and they feel the need to show us Mookie or Reed in 11th place. It's even better when 1st and 2nd are battling on the last lap and the camera swings to a privateer in 17th.
  11. You would do beter on an older MX bike, like a 250 2 stroke. I was in the same boat, I had an 87CR250 in high school, and rode MX. Some years later after being away from riding for 10 years, I needed a bike to chase my son around on an MX track. I was going to get an XR200. My old riding buddy from high school told me I'd never be happy riding a trail bike on the track. He said once you start going faster and jumping, you'll hate the brakes and suspension. He was right, I started on a 93RM250, moved to a 03RM250, then a 07RMZ450. For me it was sound advice. I got a bike that was beyond my skill level so as I got better, I could grow into it.
  12. Room Temperature Vulcanizer (I didn't look it up) honest!!!
  13. Theu are expensive, $50 now. I bought mine when stationed in 29 Palms back in 1991, must have paid $10 in the PX. Every one would fill their canteens from it. The water was cool and the bleach the Docs used to treat the water from the water bull would dissipate. It went from 29 Palms, to Pendleton, to a JTF with the DEA in New Mexico, to Somolia. My water bag lives in Southern, Md now and gets used all summer.
  14. A "safe/general" rule of thumb is; 40:1 for 250's, 32:1 for 125's, 100's, 85', and 65's. Ask the previous owner what type of oil he used @ 40:1 and go with that. If the bike is running in well, that's what it's jetted for. My 07RM250 runs great @40: on Motul 800, that's what the previous owner used. Yamalube at Wally World is good. If you want low cost and availability. Check out this link, you can spend hours there reading.
  15. 2 stroke

    I had a simular situation. I bought my son a 07KX65. The bike looked brand new, still had dealer stickers on the fender and very little paint wear. The previous owner said his stepson was scared of it and the adults putted around the yard only. Bike started and rode great. My son put abput 10 hours on it before it became hard to start. I replaced the piston and he got 3 hours on it before the crank bearing went, piston lip chipped. Builder told me the cylinder coating was flaked off due to age and wear. This may have started the death cycle. The short story is a $500 rebuild cost me $1100, cylinder needed to be replaced. My suggestion would be to rebuild the whole engine, top to bottom. Seals, bearings, waterpump ect.... Who knows how much surface rust, condensation and corrosion may be hidden inside. $500 worth of prevention for a summer of trouble free riding or possibly an $1100+ cure down the road. Good luck, nice looking bike.