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  1. Rome06379

    Oil drain plug

    Stock in an aluminum "crush" washer (USA)
  2. Rome06379

    reservoir removal

    I would say no way! Required for proper engine cooling. A thermostat would do what you need.
  3. Rome06379

    Noisy cam chain?

    It's your drive chain, trust me. These bikes are notorious for loud sloppy chains. Make sure to check chain tension with someone sitting on the bike, not in a decompressed state.
  4. Rome06379

    Bad voltage regulator?

    Still running stock stator guys, Thanks for the info. I wouldn't think the new battery would affect the charging though. Does anyone have more info on this? You thinking voltage regulator or stator?
  5. Rome06379

    Bad voltage regulator?

    Hey fellow riders, I have an 08 Kawasaki KLX 450R with some charging issues. I replaced the stock battery [because it just wasn't holding a charge any longer] with a Ballistic LiIo battery. After my first ride it started to die so when I got home, I got out the meter and found I'm not getting enough voltage to charge it. Without the bike running, I had 10.5 VDC and with it running at idle, about 10.8 V. With a little rev, it would put out about 11.6 V and I should be around 14.2 VDC. I should mention that I hit a tree last year and severed the starting wire and kill switch on my column but repaired them and everything works good on handlebars. I was just wondering if something may have shorted out during accident [i.e. the voltage regulator or recifier]. I also always use a battery tender so it was masking the problem. Any thoughts? Thanks guys!
  6. Rome06379

    Hot start plunger

    Stuck hot shot will deffinitelyaffect idling. When you replace it, squeeze a little grease into top of cable assembly to prevent water from seeping down cable [cause of seizure] And DON'T power wash!
  7. Rome06379

    Time for a new battery........what are you guys using?

    I ended up going with the Ballistic 8 cell. I found it on amazon for $135 and it was too good to pass up. I'll follow-up with performance later
  8. Rome06379

    Time for a new battery........what are you guys using?

    Hey monk, thanks for the pics too! Good info~
  9. Rome06379

    Time for a new battery........what are you guys using?

    Hey Chady boy, I was riding dirt bikes when you were just a shimmer in your father's eye so respect your elders' greenhorn! LOL Battery has been crap since I bought the bike [new] so I ALWAYS kept it on a battery tender and I'd get about 8-10 starts with it per ride but I'd usually use my kick so my 'non-magic button' buddies wouldn't bust my chops too much. The ride last week got me about 2 starts and she was done. I've actually been riding A LOT Dirkster and if you can ever make it down here, I'll show you some REAL riding! Your speedo might go over 30 mph, though, just warning you! All kidding aside, I love this bike but I'm looking forward to dropping the claimed 8 lbs up top with the Ballistic. That will make a HUGE difference in the quick twisties. Should have new batt by tomorrow!
  10. Hello fellow riders...........my stock battery is finally on it's last leg after three years. I've been doing lots of research and I'm looking at the Ballistic 8 cell. I found it for about $135 on amazon.com. It seems to have great reviews and also a three year warranty. Anybody have any input on other makes?
  11. Rome06379

    Rear shock spring

    I'm also about 220 and I went with the race tech 5.6. Perfect!
  12. Rome06379

    Still overheating after jd jet kit and yosh exhaust

    What is the outside air temperature? Are you riding slow 1st gear trails? [low air flow over radiators] Are you idling more than a minute? How is your coolant level? I have a similar setup and any of these things can still contribute to overheating. Do you have any popping on decel? That would be a good indicator of still running lean on the carb. A replacement coolant will help but all of these things will make her run hot. It doesn't necessarily mean you're hurting the bike though. Just don't do it as a common practice.
  13. Rome06379

    Time to check your Oil Screen!

    Great info, thanks!
  14. Rome06379

    Time to check your Oil Screen!

    That's poor manufacturing! Come on Kawasaki, use better quality control on the excess gasket material!
  15. Rome06379

    Got the FMF Q4

    +1, great pipe, you'll love it! I'd recommend a header too. I found an 06 KX450 on ebay.