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  1. elsinore

    manual 2108 crf450

    does anyone know of downloadable or other wise manual for 18 crf450's ?
  2. elsinore

    2017 450 was cooked, now issue's begin.

    any downloadable manuals yet for these or the 2018 ?
  3. elsinore

    09 yz 250 f head

    awesome , thanks so much
  4. anyone have any start issues with the 2018 450?
  5. elsinore

    09 yz 250 f head

    does anyone know if any other year heads will fit on a 2009 yz 250 f? thank you
  6. elsinore

    1982 XR200R - Won't start. :(

    your advance unit could be 180 degrees out
  7. elsinore

    hot rods breaking

    anyone else have a small end break on their rod ? was just over an hour on the hot rod new crankshaft
  8. elsinore

    2014 yz 250 head cracked

    okay thanks, made me wonder though as all back ordered for a few weeks
  9. elsinore

    2014 yz 250 head cracked

    anyone see a head crack ? it is across the side goes up a bit , is on the shifter side , run 50/50 c12 , anyone else suffer this ?
  10. elsinore

    2013 kx250 f runs 2 mins then stalls

    bike starts and runs good for about 2-3 minutes ,then it seems like it runs out of gas , twisting throttle a bit helps keep it running for a short bit , but stalls , wait 5-10 minutes starts right up again ... any thoughts ? valves are good
  11. elsinore

    2012 Boiling coolant.

    a slipping clutch will also produce a lot of extra heat
  12. elsinore

    rmz 450 2008 no start

    have an 08 rmz450 , was riding and just quit , got the diagnosis tools and it threw some codes , they are fixed , valves in spec , spark , just "chuffs" about every 8-10 kicks , so no codes now .. am thinking cdi ? any thoughts appreciated
  13. elsinore

    2008 rmz450 spark etc , no start

    too much snow , not sitting , no crash , just started , checked valves the intakes were a bit tight ,thought i had it .. nope
  14. elsinore

    2008 rmz450 spark etc , no start

    bike has spark , fuel is there , valves in spec ,even gave a small squirt of gas in back of intake , will "chuff" every now and then , was there a common issue with these or get a manual and start testing ? any help appreciated
  15. elsinore

    Hotrodding an SL100

    i know this is an old thread but i just saw it , with a bit of case machining and then machine off base of 200 cylinder a 65mm marine piston will work , it was work but worth it