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  1. properly lubricate and loctite
  2. sykal

    YZ 250- removing gear from clutch hub?

    This is 100% what happened- I got my new OEM basket in today- and after comparing the two there is about 1/4" space that makes the pro-x basket not seat flush against the washer. Never again will I try an aftermarket basket.
  3. sykal

    YZ 250- removing gear from clutch hub?

    The only thing I can think is that there is a tiny space in the new hub, so the washer really doesn't sit completely flat like it did on the stock basket. I completely axed this new basket all together and just bought an OEM basket with a new washer. Forget this aftermarket basket BS all together. Worst choice I ever made with this bike.
  4. sykal

    YZ 250- removing gear from clutch hub?

    *Edit- holysht...just took it apart again and noticed my spacer (part #13) http://www.motosport.com/dirtbike/oem-parts/yamaha/2001/yz250/clutch shredded into like 5 pieces. WTF could have broken that piece like that?? hub bolt too tight?
  5. sykal

    YZ 250- removing gear from clutch hub?

    Well I finally got the new clutch plates, and clutch hub in...but now I am having another issue.... I got everything together and torqued to spec....but now when I hold the clutch in...it just jumps into gear fully. It feels like the clutch isn't disengaging the gear at ALL.... I soaked the plates, torqued inner hub to 65 ft/lbs (which seemed VERY tight BTW), and there is some free play in the clutch lever. I did notice the lever feels a LOT more stiff even though I used my old springs... Anyone have any ideas what might be happening here?
  6. sykal

    YZ 250- removing gear from clutch hub?

    I am replacing the basket- Sry gear is attached to the basket-not hub- typo. (small gear in center) Unfortunately I can't swap the basket without getting the gear out of the old one, and into the new one though. In the video above- they pressed it out.
  7. Hey Guys- How exactly do you remove the small main gear attached to the clutch basket? I think it presses out but i'm not sure- it seems VERY much tight in there. I think you need a press but I def don't have some $1500 press laying around- I don't want to damage the gear so any ideas? You guys can see the gear im talking about here: (New basket on LEFT, old on RIGHT with gear)- i'm not even entirely sure how she will lock into the new basket- it seems like it's all smoothe. Thanks in advance,
  8. lol that was definitely faster than I had expected Nice job man, you looked very loose.
  9. Keep the '99. 2-Strokes live forever if you take good care of them. I wouldn't trade my 99 for anything.
  10. sykal

    trails on long island ny =(

    I know some great trails you can get lost in right in that area- but they're not entirely legal. PM me if you're still interested.
  11. sykal

    trails on long island ny =(

    They upped their pricing to $50 since this thread btw- fair warning. It's still a fun track (they have 3 of them + sand pit), but the grooming is non-existant.
  12. sykal

    HER 1st ride with DAD !

    lol love the scream. She's hooked.
  13. sykal

    terrible attempt at "whip"...

    There's no shortcut in this sport. The rider with the most experience will always be the better rider.
  14. for my riding style and maintenance schedule fuel/premix: $4.00/hr tranny oil: $3.50/hr oil filter: $5.00/hr top end: $2.50/hr tires: $1.25/hr other random parts (levers, shifters, etc.): $1.00/hr total: $17.25/hr
  15. Hey guys, I had a question here- I store my 2 strokes for winter (ususally about 3-4 months), and I've always changed the oil before storage to keep the dirty particles out...but I seem to have no oil on hand right now. is it okay to keep old oil in there, and just change before first ride next season? I probably have about 3 rides on the oil in there.