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  1. I Just installed a WB E -silencer & Head Pipe. The Head pipe has no mounts for heat sheild (big time leg burner) I went to Home Depot bought three hose clamps (like the ones you use for radiator hoses for auto) some screws & nuts The hole thing cost me about 5 bucks. drilled one hole through each clamp slid the nuts under the clamp lined it up with the hole, then tighted the clamp. srcewed the the OEM heat shield back on. Done! You can also use the clamps as a template and have someone weld the nuts to the new Head pipe
  2. I Just installed WB head pipe & silencer. Have dyno jet stage 2 jet kit. ANY recomendations for #of disc plates to run in silencer..
  3. Hi , I acutely got my KLX on E bay. I thought stroker was out of biz. I have not got the bike out on the trials yet , but tomorrow looks like the day! After 2stroking it for two years will see how she feels?????
  4. I had just purchased a 2002 KLx300 two weeks ago.After going from a CR250....I Did all the free mods right away! Airbox/crank breather and Just installed a DynoJet kit. 132main /3rd notch runs great.Is there any other I am missing? any sugjestions on a headpipe and silencer. I was looking into the whitebrothers?