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  1. JN89

    Saturday 7/6 ride

    It was Gnarly!!!!!!!
  2. JN89

    FE250 or 350 Road Use

    In my experience with FE250, your shorter work rides sound fine. 1hr ride to trail head will suck for tires. I have a trail head about 30 min away and still haul the bike over but I do run shorter errands around town. Even when going around town, my tires wear crazy fast. They ARE soft tho.
  3. JN89

    Bel-Ray 10w50 Synthetic Alternatives?

    Rotella white Jug for me.. no issues so far @ 100 hrs
  4. What's the best / safest way to store Kerosene to clean filters? Would it be OK to store Kerosene in Home Depot bucket with lid? That way I can just open it up, clean filter, close it, repeat next time. I was previously putting it back into the original container with funnel, but that can sometimes be messy. Any suggestions?
  5. Sick! Is it OK to ride over there? ­čśŤ
  6. wait so still OK to ride? Or do I need a snowmobile now? My bike has a plate. Did not realize last week was my last ride there for awhile!
  7. FYI - this happend on my 17 FE250 like at 15 hrs. Brought to dealer since it was under warranty and got replacement. However just picked up jd tuner and pulled reeds for real now. Do it!!
  8. I recently did a valve adjustment on my FE250. I would like to check to make sure timing chain tensioner has been set correctly. Does anyone know how I can check this?
  9. Any failures on '17 FE250? I currently have ~45 hrs, 700 miles and so far OK.
  10. JN89

    looking for people to ride with in NorCal

    Anyone been to Foresthill past few days? Is it smoky up there?
  11. What's your stand of choice when working on bikes? #1 for me is stability, #2 ease of use. I'm currently using a regular non lift stand and don't really have any complaints other than sometimes a pain to lift it up. I've used a cheap lift stand years ago and it was a bit wobbly so have been hesitant to get one. Anything you guys recommend? Or better to just stick with solid non lift stands?
  12. &%$#@! yeah Tim! Thanks!!!! That was it.
  13. I did a valve adjustment on a '17 FE250 and for some reason after putting my plastics back on, I'm left over with two small M5 screws with 6mm head. This is the same size as the small m5 screw on bottom of the ride side cover. I used the repair manual to do the valve adjustment and retraced my stems back and cannot find any M5 screw. I did not use the manual to remove tank and plastics but I'm retracing my stems here and cannot find anything M5 other than that ride side cover screw. Any ideas?
  14. I didn't do my first valve check after 1 hr as the manual asks for. Checked for first time at 44 hrs and was really hoping I'd still be in spec but looks like I need to order a shim kit. I'm measuring: LE: .12 RE: .12 LI: .09 RI: .12 Manual calls for: Exhaust: .13 - .18 Intake: .10 - .15 So looks like I need to adjust. Looking over procedure - I'm a bit confused at this part (see attached). I got cone wrench in there to remove timing chain tensioner but cannot remove it completely cause frame is in the way. any tips?