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    Enduro at Forest Hill, LA 3/28

    I was there supporting three of my friends. I hate being a spectator. Any of you going to be at the gulf coast one? I cant wait by then my foot will be 100%.
  2. roost400

    graphics question

    I found that a little shot of WD-40 on the plastic then applying the graphic works great. You have ample time to adjust and when dry it will not come off with normal washing. The only problem is that you want to let it set overnight. WD-40 has some type of glue in it that when dry gets very hard.
  3. roost400

    XR 400 parts on EBAY

    No sarcasm in that reply huh?
  4. roost400

    Stolen Bike

    You all are funny as hell. I needed that today thanx. Thanx TT. :D
  5. roost400

    Stolen Bike

    When I built my house we put in an alarm and in the garage the sensor that tells the door if something is in the way also goes off if the alarm is set, I forget to close the door and someone thinks they are going to walk in and take my steed for a spin, BAM the alarm goes off and they wont have enough time to cut the chain or lock that is hooked to one of the eye bolts that I put in the day they poured the slab. My wife says I worry to much but I still have my bike.
  6. roost400


    It's Alstate (sp?) and I enroled in it through work.
  7. roost400


    Thats fine and dandy but they are closing all of the off road spots as quickly as they can. This does little good for the guy who doesnt have a bike set up for moto-cross. I still think that this was a great bill to pass as there are several dumb a$$e$ that think that if they get hurt they can just sue somebody to make up for their own stupidity. Supplemental health insurance is the greatest thing. I got $900.00 bucks for fracturing 4 bones in my foot. This was free and clear and only cost me about $25.00 a month. And I was in a walking cast for only 6 weeks. My wife calls this the "I'm a idiot ins. plan" cause it doesnt matter how or where I get hurt they pay me for my pain NO questions asked. :D
  8. roost400

    Maxxis opinions...........

    I have a maxxis IT rear and the only complaint I have is that it sux if there is any mud. I have had no problems with it in the sand. As far as a front tire goes I will never own another one. I will but Miche. from now on.
  9. roost400

    xr250 muffler on a xr400?

    The mega max plates kept getting clogged up with mud and wat to much restriction. The 250 muffler gave me more on the top end WITHOUT any change to my bottom and mid. I removed the quiet core insert which made it louder but it is no louder than any crf or yzf. In the woods I had zero problems and on the track I found I could hang it out a little longer. If you dont have the cash to plop down on a high price muffler I would not hesitate to get the 250 stocker. And it will fit. It bolts right up no other mods reqired.
  10. I just got done jetting my XR 400, 160 and 58 and this thing is totlay different. I never knew what an impact it would make I would have done it the first day I got the bike. If you own a XR 400 I strongly suggest to do this upgrade.
  11. roost400

    xr250 muffler on a xr400?

    works like a charm. It bolts right up. I did it on my 98 400 and it flows better than the mega max II I had on there.
  12. roost400


    I have to change some spokes that are miffed up and wont tighten so I am going to just change them all. It couldt hurt.
  13. roost400

    good torque wrench

    If you are willing to fork over the cash Snap-On makes a GREAT 3/8 and 1/4 torque wrench and the are warr. for life. I just gave my 1/2 inch one to the snapon guy cause it was slipping and it will be repaired at zero cost to me. Bad thing is that you pay allot and if you need something fixed and he doesnt come around you will have to track him down.
  14. roost400


    anyone able to tell me if there is a certin way you lace this forsaken 18 inch rear wheel. I know not to do it when the mmon is full or on the 13th but outside of that this is my first. be gental.
  15. roost400

    need info on kw's flying w

    If you know of anyone trying to lease land please let me know I am looking.