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    Super Moto

    - 17 " front and rear - 3.5" width on front - 4.25" on rear - heavy duty spokes and nipples - offset the rear spokes a fraction such that you avoid chain rub. - gearing: 15 44 is typical - GP wet on the front Good luck Mitch
  2. Mitch_from_Oz

    N.Y. State Motorcycle Road Test

    Advice, read the manual..... When stopping, always leave the bike in gear, clutch in and left foot down. Always have your right foot on the brake. Turning: Left turn, left arm out. Right turn, left arm out and bent at the elbows so you make an "L". Apart from that, ride smooth and do rev it or lift the front wheel.... The best way to pass... "Imagine you are boing followed by a police officer" Mitch
  3. Mitch_from_Oz

    Hang'em high

    I have one on the back window!
  4. Mitch_from_Oz

    Let us all pray for lost souls

    Dear All, For those among us who have friends, relatives and persons involved, I am truly sorry. My heart reaches out to all those lost souls with great sadness. To those who have lost their lives due to the cowardess of others, may you rest in peace and enjoy the after-life with great passion. For those rescue departments who have lost their lives trying to save others, my respect and admiration reaches out. To those who caused this unholy horror, your time will come. You will be judged two fold. By mankind and by God and may their suffering be far greater than what we can all imagine. I officially heard the news at 11:00pm Melbourne time last night. I have not slept and have been glued to the television since. I am tired with depression. Let us all please say a prayer for innocence lost. God Bless, goodbye and love to all. Mitch
  5. Mitch_from_Oz

    For Sale.......

    Hi all, My email address is australian_tt_2001@hotmail.com Mitch
  6. Mitch_from_Oz

    Roadracing tires?

    Hey there Ken, I have been racing SM for more than three years. To answer your question, try the following: - Front, 21", Dunlop Gripster or Pirelli Equivalent - Rear, 19", You can fit a flat track tire. Now, make sure you warm the front up as this is a relatively hard tire. Ride agressive, meaning put your weight all the way forward to avoid the front wheel dissapearing on you. Gearing 15/42 actually gave me about 200km/h, but the bike was heavily modified. Oh, one more thing, if you want to back it in.... Approach the corner at high revs. Just when your about to apoply the front breaks and turn in, gear down 2 gears real quick (using the clutch) and then release the clutch (not all the way) resulting in engine compression/breaking. This is what allows you to back it in. BUT, by all means, practise. Good luck and have fun. Mitch
  7. Mitch_from_Oz

    Anybody using a hydraulic clutch?

    Hey there Hurricane, You can get hold of me on Australian_tt_2001@hotmail.com Mitch
  8. Mitch_from_Oz

    Anybody using a hydraulic clutch?

    Hey there Hurricane, I have a Magurra Hydralic Clutch for sale, virtually new, for US$150. Interested? Mitch
  9. Mitch_from_Oz

    Moab video

    Hey Bill, That must have been an old video... Now-a-days, we are surrounded by a sea of Orange. Those darn slow orange things just get in the way all the time. We have started using them are ramps or berms, but are getting blood and oil all over our bike... Mitch
  10. Mitch_from_Oz

    For Sale.......

    Jason, I can sell the airbox seperately if you are interested.
  11. Mitch_from_Oz

    supermotard wheels

    Guys, keep away from cast iron wheels. Stick to spoked wheels as these are significantly lighter. (Trust me, I have been doing this for 4 years) Good luck Mitch
  12. Mitch_from_Oz

    For Sale.......

    Hey Ben, Yes they certainly will. VOR is officially dealing in the US now.... Go back to the web site and you will see the link to the US. Mitch
  13. Mitch_from_Oz

    For Sale.......

    G'day all, Yes, I am moving on to other forms of bikes, but I am not leaving the web site.. . What I have is the following: 1999 WR400 - YZ timed - Dough Henry Carbon Airbox with tapered Velocity Stack - Tag Bars - Hydralic Clutch - Vortex Ignition - DSP header and Pipe - Port, polished and bench flowed (performed recently) - Pro-Circuit front and Rear from Steve Andrews. - Front forks off of 2000 YZ426. - All work, maintenance performed by Moto-Tech in Geelong. All together, AU$8,500 or best offer. OR, AU$7,500 minus clutch, airbox and vortex. Also for sale: SuperMotard wheels. - Excels - Heavy duty spokes - Blue - YZ hubs - Rear Disc, standard - Rear Sprocket, 44 tooth - 320mm floating rotor up front All together, AU$2000 or best offer. I now have a SM530RC made by VOR. I am keeping the YZ250 until the end of the year at which time I will trade it for a 2002 VOR 530 MX bike... Check out the site.. www.vor.it Let me know if there is any interest. Take care. Mitch
  14. Mitch_from_Oz

    Moab In October Anyone?

    Hey Guys, Yes, I will certainly try and make it. I have a group of friends that would love to go. Cant make any promises, but I will try. Mitch
  15. Mitch_from_Oz


    Hey there all, Look, i am by no means an expert/professional rider. I can hold my own on MX, but not that great on trails. In any case, my advice, hope it helps. 1. Perform all the sugegstions that Hick made 2. You have to ride this bike agressively to get the best out of it! Cornering should be agressive with your crotch on the tank refiller and leg extended as far forward as the forks. 3. All else will come with practise and patience. it is a lighter bike that the XR, so you will feel like the front is washing out. 4. 15psi seems a little high.... Mitch