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    I do a lot of solo stuff, sometimes multi-day and carry a SPOT tracker.
  2. Floridave

    KTM 625 SXC advice

    Thanks, I had fun putting it all together. Built the brackets for the headlights with a cool dashboard, Vapor computer(removed stock speedo and ignition stitch and stuff). Mounted extra exhaust can as a tool kit holder. BUT, I like my KTM much better. Nothing fancy on it, just a great ride.
  3. I had the same problem and 'removed' most of that part from the underside of the seat to let it move forward.
  4. Floridave

    KTM 625 SXC advice

    I had a DR650, sold it and now have a 625 SXC. The DR is a great bike, what I would call a true D/S bike, you can load it up and go, little maintenance worries, true street legal from the factory. It was great for easy relaxed trail riding, exploring, just playing around. Probably a better platform for long street rides. (but not my first choice for that) I had mine set up very nicely, with a dirt oriented slant. The SXC is lighter, faster, much better build quality I would say, but with that is more frequent oil changes, liquid cooling, etc. The SXC is much easier to ride faster than the DR, MUCH easier. I have more fun on the SXC, but it's my dirt bike, not my touring bike. I have both the stock tank and seat, and a 5 gal tank and Rencazo seat. They are both great bikes, but the performance is quite different. I would say I think the DR650 is very underrated, it's a much better bike than many give it credit for. FloriDave
  5. Floridave

    Beware Harbor Freight Fuses!

    "they are 100% customer satisfaction freaks, " Not exactly. They are denying any responsibility for this so far with me... They sold me the fuse that did not work and burned a $2000 mower, but they have no respondsibility for it? from the Press Release... The auto parts company asked the safety regulators to limit disclosure of the defect report from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act. If successful, this tactic would have prevented consumers from knowing they had potentially hazardous fuses in their cars Now THAT'S class. It seems to me they are 2nd rate all the way around. I alway thought of their stuff as 'disposable' too, good when you just need a cheap something, but now I've heard from a guy how broke his hand when a ratchet(or wrench) broke on him. I've always thought of it as a 'you get what you pay for, and you aren't paying much' attitude too, but this has pretty much opened my eyes as to the real safety issue of buying crap, for almost ANY kind of tool or piece related to machinery.
  6. Just a warning! Early in the year, I purchased a box of fuses from Harbor Freight. I had put those fuses in my motorcycles and had one in a John Deere riding mower. In early Sept, my daughter was mowing, and had the lawn mower catch on fire, completely burning. About a week later, I recieved a 'recall notice' on the fuses from Harbor Freight. Stating that the fuses may not work, and could cause a fire!!! Below is a press release indicating that recall, and Harbor Freights attempts to keep this information away from consumers. After some searches, I have found other recalls on HF equipment, including things like propane torches and batteries. I am currently dealing with their legal department as far as trying to get something done to replace/repair my John Deere riding mower. Will update this page as things progress, but from the response I've recieved so far, they deny liability and are going to do as little as they possibly can. I have filed a complaint with the NHTSA. Something to think about when buying from Harbor Freight, especially anything that has to do with electronics, welding or any equipment that could put life at risk. Regardless of how this plays out financially, the risk of fire or being burned is not worth saving a few bucks on Chinese made crap at Harbor Freight. I have their tire changer and was using them for cheapy stuff, but will rethink that, especially the fact that they tried to sweep this fuse issue under the rug. ================================================== = September 5, 2007 • More automotive news ... California auto parts seller Harbor Freight Tools will recall as many as 295,000 sets of automobile fuses manufactured in China because they could malfunction and cause electrical fires. Harbor Freight reported plans for the recall of Chinese made fuses to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration August 10. Harbor Freight told the federal safety agency that it is aware of property damage caused by the fuses but does not know of any injuries. The decision to recall the fuses is a result of four customer complaints "in a very short period of time" according to the company as well as concerns raised with Harbor Freight by General Motors Corp. Last month, GM sent an internal bulletin to dealersdiscouraging them from using the Harbor Freight fuses and reminding dealers that the fuses are not GM parts. NHTSA has also received two complaints from consumers about the Harbor Freight fuses. Harbor Freight Tools had sought to limit public disclosure of the fuse recall by marking its four page letter to NHTSA as a confidential communication. The auto parts company asked the safety regulators to limit disclosure of the defect report from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act. If successful, this tactic would have prevented consumers from knowing they had potentially hazardous fuses in their cars The fuses are supposed to be 5-30 amps but may have been made with the wrong amperages and that can lead to damage to a vehicle's electrical system. Harbor Freight has now stopped selling the fuses. Between August 2005 and August 2007, Harbor Freight sold 295,000 fuse sets containing 120 fuses which means as many as 35 million fuses could be involved. The fuse sets sold for between $3 and $10. The company plans to notify anyone who purchased the fuses from the company's Web site, as well as mail-order customers, and will post recall notices in retail . It will give customers a $5 gift certificate for returning the items, in addition to a refund.
  7. Floridave

    Biggest Tire Size For 2006 DR650

    I've also run 5.10 knobbies with no problems. But my normal tire is a 130 Kenda trackmaster
  8. Floridave

    new 2008 zook Dr650Se reviews

    Any review from 1996 to present will be about the exact same motorcycle as far as the DR is concerned. And I'd say the DR is LESS in direct competion with the 2008 KLR than it was with the 2007 and earlier KLR's. KLR has gone more street oriented, ie. farther away from the DR than it was already. The DR is, well, it's the same DR it's been for 10 years. There's a LOT of reading up you can do on it!
  9. Floridave

    DR650 Buell Headlight Mod

    Here's my Buell headlight mod. I mounted the lights high, I use a Chase Harper tool roll thing that mounts under it perfectly for tubes/flat kit. As far as using a relay. They are cheap, and will make your lights work better, allowing you to use heavier guage wire to power the lights. I do have mine wired with a custom dash so I can run with both high and low beam on, without fear of damaging the stock wiring harness. (I can also run with NO lights, which I like to do when puttering around with the kids on 4 wheelers off road) This Bike is for sale, in the Classified section or you can see it here or http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=259743
  10. Floridave

    vapor/dash install

    Wybs, Thanks for the compliments, and by the way, YOU guys here gave ME the ideas and inspiration for doing all this with my DR. I'm sure with your fabrication skills you'll come up with something much nicer than I did, this was my first attempt at building anything like this. The biggest difference of what I did, was mount the lights much higher, around 6-7 inches higher than you guys have. My bracket is 90 degrees out from the fork legs. That formed the foundation of the dash. That also moved my windscreen up that same 6-7 inches, which makes it very effective. If I understand what you're doing, I think putting the Vapor centered, angled, behind the screen like you are talking would be great, I was going to mount my GPS there, just got my mounts for that, we'll see where I end up with it. I'm still debating screen on or off. I thought it would bother me off-road, and I've yet to do any real dirt with it. But so far I really don't notice it in any negative way. It's pretty nice. I would think you could leave the area where your ignition is located open in the dash area, so you could still get to it. My original intent, was to have my key switch down under the gas tank, not up there at all. I just never got happy with a position there, and realize it really was more convenient up in front of me. I'm not sure what photos I have where, but these photos may help a little with my light/dash position. Doesn't look like it here, but the brackets from the forks to the lights is 90 degrees. Gives a tilt up to the dash. FloriDave
  11. Floridave

    Trail Tech verses Electro sports

    I've got a TrailTech Vapor. Just put in on recently and only a few rides with it but I love it. Much more than I thought I would. Install was very easy, I had no issues at all. I have not done anything toward hooking up engine temp, but now that I see how cool a tach, outside temp, ACCURATE speedo and tripmeter are, I may consider it. Can't help you on price, you'll have to figure that based on where you are.
  12. Floridave

    Chain Sprocket Cover

    I also run without it, I've never had a problem. (Wish mine was as dirty as MaxKool's) I gotta get my dirt tires back on! FloriDave
  13. Floridave

    Did anyone use "Kleen Chain" chain lube?

    If I know what I'm in for(if it's sticky mud/clay), I'll spray much of the bike with WD-40 BEFORE a ride, I've found it keeps the muck from clinging to everything quite so bad. (Fenders, under fenders, wheels(not tires), chain, swingarm, etc) FloriDave
  14. Floridave

    Trailtech & Electrosport speedos...

    I have, it works great. I have model 75-300 which I think is the DRZ model. Any of them should work, for speed/tach I would think. I'm not trying to use temperature at this time. It would be interesting to see though. The sensor mounted up with no trouble. This photo is horrible, but shows the sensor that mounts on the caliper, connected to black wire. For the magnet I, JB welded in one of the open holes in the rotor. I think SBURTON has pics in his garage of that. I like the the unit MUCH more than I thought I would. I had no intention of buying it, was happy with stock Speedo until I broke it. Now that I have this on, I really am glad I have it. Good Luck! FloriDave
  15. Floridave

    Solid Mount Footpegs

    I don't have any, but I can take some and send to you, probably sometime this weekend. FloriDave