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  1. There are areas in my opinion where the AER shines,and areas where they don't and like with any suspension prior and here after it will be ultimately judged by the rider. Some have the ability to live with it, but some cannot. So there is a need to have options available. I have gone back and forth from air to spring and settled on the spring conversion for consistency and chassis balance. I would love to have the benefits that I can pick out from either and have that mix of both. There is and will always be a give and take when it comes to suspension and its in the eye of the beholder what they can live with and what they cannot.
  2. russ17

    Ktm 4CS

    Thought about it Marcus, The way the stock design port seats are I haven't found a way.
  3. russ17

    Ktm 4CS

    Unfortunately this is what I call a budget minded fork and you will reap rewards in what you put into it. As Terry points out its a displacement/ port area in addition to some of the other areas he relates to in his writings. As Tuners sometimes we try and work the best we can, to utilize the stock components in a effort to reduce cost for the customer. We all do it. Even knowing the real culprit of the design we still search. Even with the restrictor shim on the stock base ( back side of the piston) this only effects the more HS section of the damping " This is do to the pocket size. Set it up for compliance it still dumps. Now if you would restrict the pistons shim face size you have a new ball game. I have tested the MX-Tech/Kreft stuff and must admit I never could get it to my liking. Yes it could be I am missing the sweet spot in the valving but thru experiences the rod/ base port area leaves a very small window of tuning IMO. Don't get me Wrong the MX-Tech SSBCV is awesome and apparently they have it dialed according to some. Knowing that the real issue here was Rod/ port area I did contact Terry. I was very interested in controlling port area and he was about the only person I knew at the time working with the G2R valves. For me this was the ticket I now have a fork that has great stroke control. Plush but not so that it falls thru the first part of the stroke and upsets chassis balance and still maintains good bottoming. The G2R valve is quite unique and if you think tuning a stock valve has many combo's what till you get that baby. You can make it velocity dependent, digressive, preload it. add bleed to it its quite a gem. I am in no way affiliated with RT and have to use outside sources to get their products. But from a budget minded point of view, at this point this is the best bang for the price. It gets to the real problem with these forks period. Russ
  4. russ17

    Strange things in my forks

    you have 2 different year forks. 1 is probably as you said 03 but the other looks like a 08. different rod lengths different floating pistons different mid pistons
  5. russ17

    suspension dyno

    Very interesting converstion. Click I have a question in regards to D thrt. This is in regards to the WP 4cs base piston. there are differences in the dthrt angles between years that do have an effect on damping. (Seat dyno same stack on both pistons) How can or can these differences in Dthrt angles be imputed in the Restakor since these angles have a direct corralation in flow path acting on the shims.
  6. russ17

    2014 YZ450F Revalve

    Yeah it was hard for me to justify the .2's in the fork reb myself.
  7. russ17

    Amsoil Shock Therapy Oil

    Good stuff. been using it for years
  8. Best quote of the day IMO Sag numbers are just reference numbers and not etched in stone.
  9. Just did a 14 YZ 250F 152lbs went with .44kg front and 5.2kg rear like Marcus I like to run a bit more free sag with the newer chasis.
  10. russ17

    Grease fork seals Y or N ?

    Well I do grease the dust seal but oil the oil seals for that very reason you stated.
  11. russ17

    KTM Shock Reb.!

    In the case of all things being equal except the id of the shims, I would say no. But then again I might be wrong So I ran a couple stacks on the restackor. Everything was the same except the id of the shims( same stack, piston ) there was a difference in stiffnesses. I would assume this might be do the the amount of the shim cross section avalible from ID to OD between the two.
  12. russ17

    KTM Shock Reb.!

    A few things to consider is the designs as stated. In regards to stack comparison In which I feel your alluding to, you have a 12mm id shims versus the 16mm id shims. Take into consideration the flex and leverage points will very between the two. ( 12mm versus the 16mm). Naturally you can get into port sizes and shapes, Bleeds, shim overhangs, compression adjusters bladder- seperator pressures etc. needs to be considered
  13. Best way ( and easiest) measure float on these forks is with a feelers guage or shims placed between the top of recesses cup and the bottom of the 17.3 base plate.