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  1. Signal30md

    TTR90 mods

    KOOL! That's a great looking jump! It's been really muddy here so he has only been able to ride once since we put the new suspension on. He says it's much better. It really made the TTR stand up straight! I know the stock stuff would bottom with a deafening "crack" that would make me cringe. This stuff has yet to bottom (or even close). To me, he looks more comfortable and the gas rear shock behaves more controlled than that pogo-stick stocker. I ordered the 95 main jet and 15 pilot the other day. We are using the Pro Circuit T4 pipe. I think it should be about the same (I hope) Did he notice that much difference in the jetting change? I know the pipe alone made a huge difference but re-jetting should clean it up a little. We are going to get all we can out of the TTR this season until he just flat outgrows it. Then we will make the switch to the little KX. I agree that the friendly power and no clutch of the TTR makes it more fun for the novice rider who is still learning all the fundementals!
  2. Signal30md

    TTR90 mods

    Those pics are from our backyard track, too. I built all of the jumps by hand with a shovel and wheel barrow. Some of the jumps do have "filler" material underneath to make less work for my back! I've used rock, pallets and anything else laying around that I really don't have any other use for. Doing that also makes it easier for me to keep changing the stuff around. Ryan started on the TTR at 8 yrs. old and our first obstacles were safe doubles and step up/downs. I think by starting out small he was able to build his confidence as his skill improved. I'm really eager to see what he can do with the new suspension. He hasn't had a chance to even ride with it yet.
  3. Signal30md

    TTR90 mods

    Ryan just turned 9. The first jump is about 3 ft tall with about 45 degree take off.
  4. Signal30md

    TTR90 mods

    Here are two other angles. I built this as a double jump for him and a triple for me but this 9 yr. old wants nothing to do with "just a double", go figure!
  5. Signal30md

    TTR90 mods

    Sorry 'bout that, dunno what happened. Hopefully it will post this time. Here goes...
  6. Signal30md

    TTR90 mods

    My son was doing this 30 ft. triple with the stock springs and shock. We just upgraded to the 140 lb. fork springs and the Works Performance shock with 150 lb. spring. He only weighs 70 lbs. but it is perfect! I think for an aggressive rider, it turns the TTR90 into an animal! [image]F:\Ryan 02.28.04 big triple\P1010008.jpeg[/image]
  7. Signal30md

    Is anyone else STILL waiting???

    Thanks for the replys. I think it's time to take a road trip!!
  8. Signal30md

    Is anyone else STILL waiting???

    Is it just me, or are there still others that are waiting for their KXF? I live in Oklahoma and have yet to see one in this area. My dealer is really good to me, but I am really getting tired of waiting (4 months now). He says his slice of the pie consists of only two bikes and mine just happens to be the second, and last, he will get. Does anyone else in this area have theirs?