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  1. jbrown9709

    Help on Reinstalling Camshaft

    Actually, I dont think it matters. Since the crank goes around twice for every rotation of the cam, the t-mark will be in the same position whether the lobes are up or down. That said, it is easier to do with the lobes down. Makes installing the head cover easier, because you don't have to compress valve springs that way. Jeff
  2. jbrown9709

    XR350 Parts?

    Wow, you're in luck. I just happen to have a fully assembled bottom end for an 83 XR350 sitting in a box in my garage. Bought it as a spare a year or so ago. Let me know if you're interested and I can get some pictures taken. Jeff
  3. jbrown9709

    Portland area trail riders ?

    I'd like to throw my name into the group of folks looking for riding buddies around the portland area. I've been riding the burn off and on for about 10 years now, mostly Lee's camp and Jordan creek, but a little Brown's camp too. I just can't drag my brother out as often as I used to. I have most weekends and Fridays open, so anyone looking to go those days, let me know.
  4. jbrown9709

    Trask, Diamond Mill ride 2-19, 20 or 21st

    ThumperTDC, Would you be amenable to a tag-along for Sunday? I recently moved back to Hillsboro after 5 years in San Diego. I've ridden TSF several times in the past, mostly Lee's camp or Jordan Creek. I am trying to find new riding buddies up here since I can't drag my brother out as often as I used to. I'm enjoy the technical stuff, so Diamond Mill sounds cool, but anyplace is fine. Jeff
  5. jbrown9709

    An electric start

    I was a bit nervous at first about the conical metal piece (I think it's supposed to be called a crank adapter), but having had my e-start on for more than a year, I have yet to experience any problems. However, $400 is way too steep for that piece. I was just not as comfortable with deep mechanics like case splitting as I am now. I saw a complete 400ex motor go for just over 400 bucks on ebay today. You could use what you need and sell the cylinder, head and center cases and almost break even. There seems to be a glut of 400ex motors for sale at the moment, so this may be the opportune time. With respect to the question about wiring harnesses, my solution was to start with a 400ex harness and cut it down patterned off your XR harness. This leaves your XR harness intact if you ever want to go back. I even designed a wiring diagram. If somebody wants, I can dig it up and post it. I even used the EX flywheel, stator (more wattage) and CDI (addresses starting issue). With respect to the Mickey Mouse look of the joeracer wiring, I assure you that mine looks far more professional. Parts required (if you use 400ex crankshaft): 400ex Crank 400ex Counterbalancer 400ex Starter 400ex Starter Clutch 400ex Stator 400ex Flywheel 400ex Starter Gears 400ex Left Side Case Cover 400ex Wiring Harness 400ex CDI 400ex Starter solenoid 400ex Voltage Regulator KX kill button (used as start button) Yuasa YTZ7S Battery If you want, you can just plug in the key switch and start switch to forego the start button
  6. Hi, My XR400 motor is getting an extreme makeover as we speak. (440, 12:1, Port and Polish, 1mm oversize intake valves, Kibble Whites on all 4 valves, Hinson Basket, Oversize head studs, HRC Cam etc.) I currently have the Edelbrock 36mm quicksilver purchased from Barnum's. This was a great improvement over stock, but I am concerned that it may not be enough carb for my motor. For those of you with built 440s, was the 36mm quicksilver enough? Also, what needle are you using? Mine came with the 13, 15 (installed) and 17 needles. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks, Jeff
  7. jbrown9709

    An electric start

    I've actually done it. I used the joeracer kit, but in hindsight, I would have used all 400ex parts. As long as you're comfortable splitting cases, it is a very doable thing. I didn't like the idea of having the battery in my airbox like joeracer recommends, so I made a mount on the subframe on the opposite side of the muffler, but I wasn't happy with it, so I got a smaller battery (yuasa ytz7s) and put it in the airbox. I have had no problems with airflow since. If you take your time and source all your parts off of ebay, you can do it for about $500 all in. If you use the joeracer kit, the crank adapter alone will cost 400 plus all the other parts will push the overall cost over 7 or 800. I just tried to look at the joeracer website (www.joeracerproducts.com) but it was down. This page had a list of all the parts you need as well as detailed instructions. If you have any other questions about this, please ask. I still have the instructions from my kit. Jeff
  8. jbrown9709

    XR400 Cam Chain Question

    I'm in the process of installing a 426 kit and hotcam. I was advised by Rob Barnum to change the camchain when doing this as a 2000 bike's chain could have stretched enough to affect performance. After surfing a 400ex forum, I've discovered a popular mod on the EX is to change to a CRF450R cam chain. Apparently it is much heavier duty, not to mention it is less than half the price of the XR400 chain. Based on the Service Honda website, the chain for the 400ex and XR400 have the same part number, leading me to believe that this mod could be useful on our bikes as well. Has anyone else heard of this? Any reason not to try it (assuming same number of links on visual comparison)? Thanks, Jeff
  9. jbrown9709

    400ex motor Same as xr 400 motor?

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the 400ex motor is not anywhere near a direct swap for the XR400. The cases are actually shaped different and the C/S sprocket will not line up properly on the different motor, not to mention the motor mounts. Jeff
  10. jbrown9709

    440 vs 426 kits

    Hi All, I am planning on installing a big bore kit in my XR400. However, I'm having a heck of a time deciding between a 426 kit and a 440 kit. I've read every post about this that I could find. I've spoken with Rob Barnum, who recommends the 426, but I ride mostly nasty rocky rutted hilly stuff and my style leans toward lugging and tractoring up the hills. This would seem to lean toward a 440 to build a torque monster based on what I've read. Another thought is that I can add a hotcam stage 1 to a 426, but it isn't recommended for a 440 and a stage 2 leans more toward the high rev type riding. I plan on going with an 11:1 compression either way. Any thoughts?????
  11. jbrown9709

    Electric Start on XR400R?

    I have the Joe Racer e-start on my XR400. I just bought the bare bones kit ($400) and sourced the rest of the parts myself. (Gotta love Ebay!) If you have the patience, you will eventually find all of the parts you need on ebay. All in it cost me about 750. I love it. In hind sight, however, the price for the kit is pretty steep. I now have a full 400ex crank and balancer that I got for less than $100 that would take the place of the whole kit if you were willing to put in the time to split the cases. It is true that you need a stronger stator, but I just used the EX stator and flywheel that I got from Ebay. There is a list on the Joe Racer site showing all of the parts needed. Definitely worth it when you stall out going up a hill in ruts deeper than the foot pegs.