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  1. Gunner354

    best tires for desert ridding in ca

    Ive had good lick with the Michelin
  2. Gunner354

    How much will I battle engine temps?

    Replace your coolant with Evans coolant. Its a waterless coolant unlike any other and the boiling point is 375*. Yes you can over heat the motor if you are not smart but you will never lose any coolant.
  3. Gunner354

    Rotella T-4

    Not Redline
  4. Gunner354

    Rotella T-4

  5. Gunner354

    Rotella T-4

    You may want to do some more research as you have given false info.
  6. Gunner354

    Rotella T-4

    Timing chain kinks and failures along with teeth on crank. Many of the big end bearing failures may be linked to poor oil choices. 300 hrs on last motor tear down and the timing chain had zero stretch.
  7. Gunner354

    Rotella T-4

    Redline starts with a base of a group V oil. Then the additive package is far more than any other. Do some research, its all there for your reading. The motors I have torn down have proved the claims.
  8. Gunner354

    Rotella T-4

    Wouldnt ever use it. Redline is the only oil I ever use and my engines have rewarded me.
  9. Gunner354

    Boiling 14 YZ250F

    I believe the Wr has a larger radiator but with that said put in Evans coolant and you will never lose coolant again. Yes it will still get hot so you need to be smart but the boiling point of Evans is 375*. There was an article a couple of years ago in one of the dirtbike magazines stating to "just install Evans and be done with it" I've ran it for years and will never run anything else.
  10. Gunner354

    Boiling 14 YZ250F

    Good to know. [emoji106]
  11. Gunner354

    Boiling 14 YZ250F

    What data do you have to back that up?
  12. Gunner354

    Boiling 14 YZ250F

    Install Evans waterless coolant. Its boiling point is 375* under no pressure. You will never lose coolant again.
  13. Gunner354

    Cam timing

    Actually the older wr's the cam timing was advanced 1 tooth from the YZF. It was common to retard the exhaust cam 1 tooth to get better mid to top end power and over rev. I did this on an old wr250 and it made it better and didn't lose any bottom end that I could tell.
  14. I'm sure there's a utube video on the procedure.
  15. Evans coolant and you will not need a catch can.