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  1. ktm530e


    I have the same stuff and result as above, except: sea level, JD jetting, Evans coolant, no CRT. Ditto on the trials tire; best choice for single track to dirt road to pavement and back to single track transitions. As noted, difficult to break the back end loose when I practice on the TT track.
  2. 1. Elkins Flat: Pick up truck with 4 poachers. Semi-auto rifle barrels out the windows. All glaring at us. Later on we met a ranger who asked us if we had seen a truck with armed men inside. We had. He let us know that it is a well known group of SE Asian poachers, but he is out-gunned; waiting for back up from local Sheriffs Office. The poachers reportedly had fired a warning shot at other bikers. Bikers in OHV area were scaring "their" deer...in June. 2. Hollister Hills: Rounding a blind corner pretty fast in Renz area when I nearly broadsided a wild sow the size of a sofa. Piglets were running every direction. I nearly dumped it. Scared me pretty good. I always go slow on blind corners now.
  3. ktm530e

    Enduro Engineering Radiator Braces

    Had to bend tabs on the outside of brace to allow long range tank to fit.
  4. ktm530e

    JD Jetting Jet Kit

    This is a CA bike. On purchase, had to remove all smog and change jetting. JD kit was easy and great instructions and technical support.
    Better sound, slightly better performance. Need slight adjustment to jetting.
  5. ktm530e

    Rekluse EXP Auto-Clutch

    Made me a much better rider.
  6. ktm530e

    Honda XR400R (2000)


    Indestructible tractor that can go anywhere.
  7. ktm530e

    Honda XR400R 2000

    Indestructible tractor that can go anywhere.
  8. ktm530e

    KTM 530 EXC-R 2009

    Bought new in 2009. Mods: de-smog, jd jetting, oil pump upgrade (thanks HodakaGuy), cooling fan, by-pass thermostat, Evans coolant, radiator braces. Been to Death Valley twice, Bodie/Hawthorne...a real champ. No problems. I love this bike. Just added a rekluse and single track riding improved 100%. I still worry about the reported oil migration issues, but knock on wood, I haven't had any.
  9. I have a 2009 KTM 530 EXC. I followed the directions exactly in this video and it worked great:
  10. ktm530e

    Suzuki DL650 V-Strom 2006

    Great starter bike for street. Upright riding position doesn't hurt my wrists and more like dirt style.
  11. ktm530e

    Suzuki DL650 V-Strom (2006)


    Great starter bike for street. Upright riding position doesn't hurt my wrists and more like dirt style.
  12. ktm530e

    odometer ca plated xr400

    I have a 2000 XR400; bought in 2004 CA street legal with Baja kit. Pink slip odometer stated 6 miles. Odometer no longer existed by the time I purchased it. The lady at the DMV counter could not understand how a motorcycle with an odometer reading could no longer have an odometer. She refused to register as street legal and kept pulling out green sticker paperwork. After much diplomatic discussion on my part, and bureaucratic arrogance on her part, I was lucky to have a DMV supervisor overhear our conversation. Turns out he had a street legal dirt bike too and was very sympathetic. He took over (she rolled her eyes at me) and I got the title transferred with a correction on the new pink slip for odometer reading as N/A. So be careful. It depends on who you get at the CA DMV counter. Check the pink slip..if it says N/A, you are good. Not that I'm recommending this, but...a friend of mine bolted on a manual bicycle odometer and cranked it until it read a number higher than the pink slip indicated. The freshly minted bureaucrat in the parking lot checked it off as good.
  13. I have an F-150 that I manage to haul 3 big bikes with, and I also have a bed extender/bike ramp and the setup works great. I just have to watch it around dips in the road so my suspension doesn't bottom out.