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  1. garron987

    Music while you ride?

    I used to listen to my mp3 player all the time when I was both practicing and racing. But I quit doing it at the end of last year when i switched bikes and had trouble hearing. Different exhaust sound on the new bike threw off my judgment on jumps. I never got back in the habit of listening to it. I did use it when I raced an enduro and it was great for helping me pass the time on the long ride. I think it is just background noise but if you really want to focus go without.
  2. garron987


    I just installed a 88cc kit in my crf 50 and need to know what the hot setup is as far as gearing? I am currently running one tooth smaller on the countershaft and im afraid it may be too low. The head has been flowed, im running a big card and a rev box. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  3. garron987

    Northeast Indiana Thumpertalk Ride?

    Thanks again to Tri-state MX for letting us come out and ride for the day. Anyone that didn't show up missed out on a perfect day. This needs to be done again!
  4. garron987

    North/Central Indiana Riders

    We rode a track in Elkhart yesterday and were kickin up dust. It was the first time Ive got to ride outdoors this year and it was great.
  5. garron987

    Sweet 16 Fort Wayne

    Are they going to buy some decent equiptment and actually work the track this year or are they going to leave it like concrete. I raced the track once and was not impressed with it at all and do not plan on going back.
  6. garron987

    Northeast Indiana Thumpertalk Ride?

    I would definatly be interested in riding as long as it dosent conflict with a race. I am sure that I could round up a few guys 2 come with me.
  7. garron987

    Has anyone ridden the motoplex in In?

    I ride there at least once a week, and cant say anything bad about the place. they chance the track often so if you don't like it you can come back in a week and its totally different. If u get there early on a weekday it usually isn't crowded and you can ride without stopping. www.themotoplex.com
  8. garron987

    65 Hrs and still going

    My 2004 RMZ now has 65 plus hours on it and is still running like a champ. This past sunday i raced a national enduro on the bike and did not have one minute of trouble with anything other than the seat being a little hard. By the way the motor has not even been touched since I rebuilt the top end at 33 hours. I must of got the only good one that was made that year.
  9. garron987

    Roselawn, Ind., Enduro (AMA district 17 I think)

    Turkey Creek Enduro is in New Paris, IN not Upland and it is a national Enduro>
  10. garron987

    Mods For CRF 50

    I need to know what is the best setup for power on my CRF 50 without going to a big bore. Everyone i ride with has stock bore 50 and we are trying to keep things fair. I need to know whats the best pipe for stock bore? Is a cam and head work worth the money? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  11. garron987


    I the ishock rebuildable? Got one on my 50 and I think it is shot. It has way to much rebound even when the clicker is turned all the way out.
  12. garron987

    Byron Vet Race

    Can anyone tell me if Byron is going to reschedule the Racer X Vet race?
  13. garron987


    Has anyone installed an ICAT on their RMZ? If so what exactly did it do and is it worth the $200.
  14. garron987

    Pipe question -

    Buy a Bills you cant beat the price and its just as good or better that any other exhaust.
  15. garron987

    Plastic available?

    I talked to One Industries this week, and they told me that they did not expect to have plastic for quite awhile. Try Acerbis, they should have it before anyone.