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    need some 411 on my countershaft seal

    Again, 10,000 thanx for the info. The reason i had to replace mine was due to the rubbery outside part of the seal somehow making its way OUTSIDE of the case, inbetween the case & the sprocket. It literally got stretched to the diameter of the sprocket when i finally got it out with some needle-nose. The only reason i can think of it doing this is maybe too much oil pressure; I over-revved the hell out of it the ride b4. i noticed oil leaking out at a good rate when i leaned the bike over, and am now happy i didn't have to split the cases to get to the seal. i didn't replace the metal collar, though. i hope it holds. Again, thank for the 411.
  2. i need to replace my countershaft seal, but my manual fell apart and literally blew away. what's the correct sequence on replacing it?? 10,000 thanx.